Urine-powered socks get transmissions flowing

Peeing in one's socks may not be everyone's first choice for powering their mobile devices, but apparently it could be an option. A team of researchers from the Bristol BioEnergy Centre at the University of the West of England is experimenting with a pair of socks that use urine to generate electricity via miniaturized microbial fuel cells. Results have already started to trickle in, with the system used to run a transmitter to send wireless signals to a desktop computer.Read More


Iron-on motion capture system tracks baseballers' in-game biomechanics

There's much to be gained from tracking the biomechanics of elite athletes in the lab, where monitoring of stress on joints and muscles can not only aid in performance, but also help prevent injury. Baseball batters and pitchers dealing with one fastball after another are certainly no different, so US company Motus Global has announced an iron-on set of sensors designed to bring this technology out of the lab and onto the field for comprehensive in-match analysis. Read More


Flexible sensor made from chewing gum promises sensitive and versatile wearables

The small sensors found in wearables like fitness trackers and smartwatches are only becoming more versatile, from monitoring your heart rate to enabling gesture control. But a new sensor design could afford these devices even more flexibility, in more ways than one. By combining carbon nanotubes with used chewing gum, scientists have developed a sensing device that can pick up movements of the more flexible body parts, such as bent finger.Read More


ShiftWear sneakers kick futuristic footwear up a notch with animated E Ink displays

Fashion trends come and go, but a new shoe concept is intended to keep you up to date with the latest style, or let you coordinate your footwear with any outfit, without requiring an Imelda Marcos-sized shoe collection. The ShiftWear sneakers are designed with flexible E Ink color displays that can be customized with images or animations directly from a smartphone or tablet.Read More


The 8 best wearable tech products for the 2015 holidays

In the last few years, we've seen wearable tech products go from concept to clunky early adopter gizmos to the (somewhat) mainstream consumer products they are today. Though they're still unnecessary luxuries, some of them are worth the price of admission in fun alone. Join Gizmag as we break down the best wearables of 2015.Read More


2015 Smartwatch Comparison Guide

The first time we compared the best smartwatches money can buy, wearables were a novelty category – barely blips on the public radar. Today smartwatches still aren't an essential product, but more people own them than ever and just about everyone is at least aware of their existence. Let's break down the best smartwatches of 2015, feature by feature.Read More


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