Cheaper, transparent smart skin powers itself

Flexible, wearable sensors open the door for everything from more effective health monitoring to robots with a sense of touch that can respond to stimuli like humans. While numerous electronic skin technologies have been developed, getting costs down has remained a problem. A Chinese team of scientists has now developed a new transparent smart skin that they claim is not only cheaper to produce, but is also able to harvest mechanical energy to power itself from movement.Read More

Digital Cameras

Adventure-ready wearable records, auto-edits video on-the-go

At the end of an action-packed day of recorded activity, it can be difficult to muster motivation to scrutinize and edit all the footage. NexGear, a startup from Mumbai, India, is looking to make such memories simpler to publish, just as one might a selfie on social media. The Frodo Adventure Camera is designed to record and auto-edit the best scenes into ready-to-share videos.Read More

Health & Wellbeing

Neopenda tackles infant mortality in developing countries

Wearables are a dime a dozen in the developed world, but a New York City-based global health startup called Neopenda is looking to use the technology for more than just email notifications and step tracking. The company's namesake device is a baby hat aimed at helping newborns in developing countries survive their first month by tracking vital signs, and sending key information back to a tablet.Read More


Smart collar helps search high and low for Fido

Even the most watchful dog owners know that it only takes a second for Fido to escape into the big, wide world and once on the lam, it can be tough to track down a pooch with a nose for adventure. The Kyon GPS pet collar from an Athens, Greece,-based team not only tracks down your pet in terms of latitude and longitude, but also altitude to reveal which floor of a building it is located.Read More

Health & Wellbeing

Food-tracking necklace listens to you eat

The sound that you hear while chewing could become the next way of monitoring your caloric intake. That's the idea behind what researchers from the University at Buffalo in the US and Northeastern University in China are doing – they're creating a necklace-like device that monitors the sound of chewing, and matches that sound to the calories of the food being consumed.Read More


Victorinox and Acer team up on Swiss Army smartwatch

Smartwatches have already gone Swiss with models like the Breitling B55 Connected and Tag Heuer Connected, and now they're going Swiss Army. Developed by Acer, the new Cybertool brings some smarts to the Victorinox Inox watch, turning it into a Swiss Army smartwatch with classic analog dial. Add a couple other available accessories, and the Inox becomes a veritable Swiss Army knife for the wrist.Read More


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