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Washing Machine

— Good Thinking

Haier shows human-powered washing machine prototype

By - September 9, 2010 3 Pictures
Chinese electronics giant Haier was showcasing its green credentials at IFA 2010 with this human powered washing machine. An exercise bike with a lithium-ion battery that collects energy as you pedal is hard wired to the front loading machine. When you pedal, you power the machine. Twenty minutes effort is said to give you one cold cycle wash without drawing power from the grid. It's an idea we've seen elsewhere in fledgling form – and its a good one. We'd love to see it get beyond prototype stage. Read More
— Good Thinking

Miele showcases a washing machine that knows when electricity is cheap

By - September 1, 2010 9 Pictures
Miele has announced its new smart grid ready domestic appliances at IFA 2010. These appliances have been designed to start automatically when electricity is cheapest, offering consumers energy savings. The first two appliances featuring smart-grid functionality will be a washing machine and a tumble dryer. The models can also be fitted with Miele’s gateway communication module, providing access to the appliances through a PC and the ability to monitor electricity rates. Read More
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Finalists showcased in Electrolux Design Lab 2010 competition

By - August 26, 2010 1 Picture
The jury has wielded the axe on the 25 semi-finalists in the Electrolux Design Lab competition, leaving just eight finalists from the original 1,300 entries to battle it out for the prize of a six-month paid internship at an Electrolux global design center and 5,000 Euros (approx. US$6,350). The 2010 brief asked industrial design students to consider how people will prepare and store food, wash clothes, and do dishes in the homes of 2050, when 74 percent of the global population are predicted to live in an urban environment. Let’s take a look at the lucky eight entries vying for the title. Read More
— Around The Home

LG’s SmartDiagnosis technology lets washers and dryers chat to technicians over the phone

By - August 10, 2010 1 Picture
Throwing the washer or dryer in the car when something goes wrong isn’t really an option, meaning you’ll have to call out a repair person to make a potentially expensive house call. Some manufacturers are installing network capabilities in such devices to allow problems to be diagnosed remotely, but most people don’t have a network connection located in the laundry. LG has come up with a way to troubleshoot washer and dryer issues remotely by getting the devices to chat with a technician over the phone in a language R2-D2 would understand. Read More
— Around The Home

Haier Power Pad takes energy from shower water and returns it to hot water system

By - July 31, 2010 21 Pictures
The Haier PowerPad is a concept device shown at SinoCES which captures the energy contained within the water that runs off our bodies every morning in the shower, and returns said energy to the hot water tank. Haier claims the PowerPad is currently capturing and returning 15% of the energy coming out of the faucet and by the time it goes on sale six weeks from now, that figure will be 20-30%. Haier is one of the world’s most innovative companies and is hence foolish to bet against, but we’re struggling to understand the technologies being used and just how optimistic the claims are. Read More
— Around The Home

The Final Countdown: Electrolux Design Lab finalists announced

By - July 20, 2010 20 Pictures
It’s down to the final eight in the Electrolux Design Lab 2010 competition. Around 1,300 designers from all over the globe entered the competition this year, with the brief being to create space-saving home appliances that would be suited to life in the heavily-populated urban environment expected by 2050. The finalists will present their designs to a jury in London on the 23rd of September with cash prizes and an opportunity of a six month paid internship at an Electrolux global design center up for grabs. Will it be the virtual kitchen helmet, the gel refrigerator or the portable ultrasonic dishwasher that impresses the judges, or will it be one of the other five fantastically futuristic designs? Read More
— Around The Home

Electrolux SHINE washing machine concept is as pretty (and hangable) as a picture

By - May 9, 2010 6 Pictures
Washing machines aren’t exactly the kind of appliances you want to put on show in your home - which is one of the reasons they’re generally located in the laundry away from discerning eyes. But with around 74 percent of the world’s population expected to live in an urban environment by 2050 according to the UN, many people will be living in dwellings without a dedicated laundry and will be forced to house their washing machines in other rooms. With that in mind Electrolux has come up with a couple of sleek washing machine designs that can be integrated into a bathroom. Read More
— Around The Home

Individual Washer takes care of sorting and color-coding laundry

By - March 10, 2010 4 Pictures
What really annoys me about doing the laundry is having to sort through all the colors and fabrics. Especially when - despite my care - I accidentally include something red with all my whites and I’m left with oodles of pink sports socks and tees! A clever design concept from Yali Dai could solve all my laundering problems. The Individual Washer is an upright washing machine that can sort and wash all your clothes together – regardless of color, material or washing temperature requirements. Hooray, that means no more extra sorting, no more color bleeding and no excess water usage! Read More
— Around The Home

LG’s 11kg washing machine – big load, small space

By - September 5, 2009 1 Picture
If you have to wash for a large family or find that you’re constantly in charge of the whole team’s soccer uniforms – or if you’ve ever tried to wash king-size bedding - then you should be interested in what LG has to offer. And while it mightn’t be as sexy as 108-inch flat screen TV or the latest 12-megapixel smart phone, an 11kg washing machine that still fits inside a standard 24-inch cabinet should delight consumers who are burdened by laundry tasks. Read More
— Around The Home

Visions of the future with Electrolux Design Lab

By - September 1, 2009 11 Pictures
Every year home appliance giant Electrolux throws down a design gauntlet to students from all over the world and challenges them come up with some novel ideas for household gadgets of the future. The company has just announced this year's eight Design Lab finalists and extended an invitation to the public to get involved to choose a favorite. What sort of gadgetry do young designers think will be available to us over the next 90 years? Read More

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