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— Digital Cameras

Magic Wand portable scanner PDS-ST410-VP from VuPoint Solutions

By - February 8, 2010 4 Pictures
Taking around four seconds to scan an A4-size document in B&W, this portable wand-type scanner from VuPoint Solutions is designed for copying images from books or documents with thick or fragile spines that don’t allow them to be folded back for placement on a flatbed scanner. It's also useful for scanning pages that are located a long way from your office. Read More
— Home Entertainment

Cast a spell on electronic wizardry with the Kymera Magic Wand universal remote

By - September 15, 2009 4 Pictures
If you’re looking for a universal remote to complement any Harry Potter marathons screening on the tube, you might want to consider the Magic Wand universal remote control from Kymera. Sure to raise the eyebrows of any nearby muggles, the remote allows budding magicians to control their magical picture box or other piece of remote controllable electronic wizardry with a flick of the wrist - 'Abracadabra' optional. Read More

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