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Wocket wants to replace your wallet

By - April 2, 2014 2 Pictures
No one wants their credit or debit cards, or even their NFC-enabled smartphone falling into the wrong hands. While there are already various security measures in development, NXT-ID's Wocket is one of the latest. Described as a "smart wallet," it's designed to securely store electronic versions of your various cards, plus it features a swipe-able physical card that can be programmed for single uses. Read More
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Loop launches secure mobile wallet with credit card fobs

By - February 20, 2014 21 Pictures
The ability to make payments with your smartphone using near-field communication (NFC) technology has been touted for some time as a means of providing greater convenience and security. In order for that to happen, however, both the user and the retailer must have NFC-enabled devices. Mobile payments business Loop has circumvented this requirement by using technology that is already built into the vast majority of payment terminals. Read More

Strapp Wallet stays connected and safe, without ugly chains

Remember when everyone had those wallets with chains linking them to their pants? It was an interesting look, but it also offered the useful feature of keeping everything attached to your body. The look may be out of style, but Charles Harris is looking to bring the functionality back with his Strapp Wallets. Instead of a chain, it features an adjustable-length lanyard that can be completely hidden away. Read More
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SmartWallit keeps track of your wallet and phone

By - April 12, 2013 11 Pictures
Two of the most important things that you carry with you everyday are your wallet and your smartphone. One holds your money, and the other keeps you connected with everything important in your life. While you probably keep pretty close tabs on both these pocket-sized necessities, it's not outside the realm of possibility that you might misplace one. Whether it's the wallet or the phone, the SmartWallit makes sure you find it before your next cup of coffee or text message. Read More

Who says a wallet can't also perform 11 other functions?

The MULTI is a new wallet that aims to pack as many features as possible into a tiny package. To start with, it's a minimalistic wallet made with high-strength aluminum or titanium, depending on the model. However, it also offers a ton of other functions, most of which are things you would never expect to see in a wallet. Read More
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Wallet TrackR sounds an alert to stop you losing your wallet

By - November 12, 2012 6 Pictures
Losing your wallet can be one of the most devastating things that can happen. The cash in the wallet is gone, and you need to cancel all of your credit cards and replace your license. If you've lost your wallet before, you know how annoying it is. A new product called Wallet TrackR hopes to solve the problem by actually preventing you from losing your wallet in the first place. Read More
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Cobra Wallet doubles as a smartphone stand

By - September 28, 2012 7 Pictures
The Cobra Wallet is an incredibly thin wallet designed to carry your credit cards and cash. What really makes it special, however, is the fact that it can also be used as a stand for your smartphone. The wallet can hold your phone horizontally or vertically. This makes it perfect for watching videos without holding your device or using FaceTime or Skype to video chat with family and friends. You can also put the rear camera forward and use it to take pictures with yourself in the shot. Read More
— Good Thinking

The Keylet combines the two most important things we carry – keys and money

By - September 5, 2012 8 Pictures
We live in a world where less is more. The less we have to carry around with us, the better. The KeyLet is a new product designed with that philosophy in mind. It takes the two most common things everyone carries around with them, keys and a wallet, and combines them into one ultra small package. For the person who hates carrying any extra weight in their pockets, this product could be right up their alley. Read More

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