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Latest Walkman phone provides 8GB music storage

By - February 10, 2008 2 Pictures
February 11, 2008 In more news from Sony Ericsson, the latest addition to Walkman line has been unveiled. Available in Q3 of this year, the W980 Walkman phone boasts distortion free stereo sound and 8GB of internal memory (or up to 8000 songs) in a clamshell "Walkman on Top" design that replicates the Walkman controls on the outside of the phone for quick navigation through your music library. Read More
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AKG wireless headphones unveiled at IFA

By - September 4, 2007 1 Picture
September 4, 2007 AKG's K930 wireless stereo headphones are among the plethora of noteworthy new products Gizmag has encountered at the IFA show in Berlin this week. With a range of approximately 100 meters, the K930 headphones do not require a line of sight from the transmitter enabling the signal to penetrate through walls and ceilings and greatly expanding the user’s mobility. Read More
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The Walkman is back - Sony announces A800 series with digital audio and video

By - May 17, 2007 6 Pictures
May 18, 2007 Consumer electronics giant Sony once ruled the world of portable audio - their Walkman and Discman brands became synonymous for hand held cassette and CD players around the world. Yet somehow, despite a solid reputation in personal audio, Sony missed the boat when portable entertainment went digital, letting Apple's iPod and a host of other devices snatch a massive market share that it has never been able to eat back into. Yesterday, the company announced the launch of its latest Walkman - the NW-A800 series - a digital personal audio/video player that Sony hopes will bring the company back into the contest. Will it stack up against the wildly popular iPod? Read More
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Next Generation Walkman senses your rhythm and switches playlists to match

By - August 7, 2006 4 Pictures
August 8, 2006 Sony’s next generation sports walkman was unveiled yesterday but with the fanfare surrounding the far more significant MYLO, it’s not surprising that the diminutive S2 Sports Walkman devices might not have seen as much of the spotlight as they deserve, either technologically, or historically. The original Walkman hit the market in Japan in 1979 and arguably began the personal music revolution, with the cassette Walkman selling close to 200 million units before the MP3 player was born. The new S2 Sports Walkman actually offers some unique compelling new functionality for people who are exercising, most significantly the Music Pacer feature gauges your speed, tempo and acceleration, automatically switching to the appropriate personalized walking or running playlist to match your rhythm. The S2 MP3 player is a water resistant aluminum cylinder about the size of a tube of lipstick, weighs about one ounce and comes with its own armband. The 2GB model will cost around US$150 and the 1GB model will cost around US$120 when they hit the shelves next month. Read More
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Sony's Latest Flash-Based Walkman 'Bean' Players

By - August 18, 2005 5 Pictures
August 19, 2005 Expanding on its line of Walkman digital music players, Sony Electronics has announced a new series of flash-based devices. Bright and colourful, the compact NW-E300 Beans sport a sassy design and are available in 512 MB and 1 GB capacities with a built-in FM tuner. They also feature the long battery life, quick-charge function and brilliant displays people have come to expect from Sony Walkman digital audio players. Read More
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Sony Ericsson W800 - the first Walkman phone raises the bar for mobile entertainment

By - March 1, 2005 4 Pictures
March 2, 2005 Sony Ericsson today kick-started its entry into the mobile music market with the announcement of the W800, the first Walkman branded mobile phone. It will now be possible to listen to music, handle phone calls and take great pictures and video, all with one device and with no compromise on quality. The Sony Ericsson W800 is the first product to combine a mobile phone, a high quality digital music player with up to 30 hours' battery life, and a 2 Megapixel camera. All of this is packaged in a slim, lightweight device with ultra-stylish design. Read More

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