Voice recognition

Location aware search quietly added to Google Now

Google Now users in the US and some other locales can now ask the search app about a place they're near without mentioning it by name. For example, you might be standing in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and simply ask "How tall is this?" and Google Now will be able to discern what you're asking about based on your mobile device's location data.Read More

New system allows air traffic controllers to converse with drones

If autonomous delivery drones are ever going to see widespread use, then they can't simply fly around with no regard for other aircraft. In recent projects, drone operators had to file flight plans in advance. Researchers from Australia's RMIT University have gone a step farther, however. They've developed a system that lets drones communicate with air traffic controllers using a synthesized voice. Read More


Drive makes phone-using drivers keep their hands on the wheel

When it comes to safe driving tips, taking your hands off the steering wheel to make or receive calls doesn't rate way up there. Many people instead use hands-free voice prompt systems, although these can also be be distracting, as they require users to think of the correct prompts and then speak them very clearly. Drive offers an alternative – it's a device that's controlled using finger movements, and it won't work unless the user's hands are on the wheel. Read More

Computers Review

Review: Ubi the ubiquitous computer (consumer release)

Last month, Canada's UCIC announced the consumer launch of the Ubi. As regular readers may already know, Gizmag has been following the progress of this ever-present, always-on, voice-controlled vault of internet knowledge since its successful crowdfunding outing back in 2012. I was fortunate enough to get invited to join the beta program, and have now spent the last couple of weeks trying out the new-improved version (and taking a sneaky peek at things yet to come).Read More


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