Lytro brings Light Field tech to virtual reality

When camera maker Lytro launched in 2011, it offered snappers something a little different – the ability to shift focus after a photo has been taken. If you wanted light field video, however, you were out of luck. The company has now rectified that with the Immerge system, a four component platform that's billed as the industry's first end-to end hardware, software and related services solution for the production of professional-grade cinematic VR content.Read More

Motorcycles Review

Video review: BMW S1000XR is sportier and tourier than most sports tourers

The BMW S1000R super-naked is an absolute monster, but now it's got a much more respectably dressed older brother in the S1000XR adventure sports machine. Sharing the same 999cc, 160-horsepower, extreme performance engine, the XR adds luggage, centrestands, a more comfortable touring rider position, and pretty much every practicality you can think of. Don't let the beak fool you, this is no adventure bike – it's a next-gen sports tourer that's both sportier and tourier than any sports tourer I can think of. We spent 10 days with the S1000XR for the latest in our motorcycle review videos, enjoy!Read More


NASA releases stunning 30 minute 4K video of the Sun

NASA has released a half hour video of our Sun in breathtaking 4K detail. The video was created from images and data captured by the agency's Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) as it continues its mission to observe solar activity and unlock the mysteries surrounding the interior mechanics of our parent star.Read More

First footage from GoPro's drone revealed

GoPro has provided the first glimpse of what video shot by its long-awaited drone will look like. In a short clip released today, the company presents a series of tracking shots intended to show off the stablization and image quality of its forthcoming quadcopter.Read More

Digital Cameras

2015 Action Camera Comparison Guide

Action cameras are continuing to get smaller and more powerful with the usual jumps in resolution and frame-rates. But they're also gaining new skills such as the ability to communicate with external sensors, and automatically edit your extreme video in-camera. Gizmag compares the key specs of the current crop of action-cams to see which might be right for you.Read More


Facebook feeds users 360-degree video

As of yesterday, Facebook users will begin seeing 360-degree videos in their News Feeds. The firm says the new video format will take the immersive content that people like to see in their News Feeds "a step further." Users will be able to pan around a video as it is playing in a similar way to Google Street View.Read More


Cerberus system equips dogs with extra eyes and ears

Dogs may make excellent team mates, but they aren't very good at telling you what they see. Colchester-based Visual Engineering's Cerberus Digital Canine Transmission system is designed take this feedback way beyond barking by providing a high-tech set of eyes that let the handler see what the canine sees.Read More


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