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Zoom's Q2HD brings Mid-Side stereo audio to the handycam

Zoom has announced a smaller brother to the company's excellent Q3HD handycam. First shown at Frankfurt's Musikmesse 2012 in March, the new Q2HD shares many of the feature set with its bigger sibling, but sports something called Mid-Side stereo microphone technology instead of an X/Y pattern. Mid-Side stereo audio recording was first introduced in Zoom's H2n Handy Recorder and offers precision control over the width of the stereo field, allowing users to decide how much of the surrounding noise/ambient sound gets through to the recording. Read More
— Home Entertainment

Grundig’s latest TVs turn any USB drive into a PVR

Grundig has just come up with a replacement for your Tivo or similar recording device, and the odds are you already have it – well, part of it anyway. By adding USB-recording technology to various models of its new TVs, which it had on show at IFA 2009, Grundig has turned any standard USB flash drive or external hard disk drive (HDD) into a personal video recorder (PVR). The only catch is you will only be able to watch the recorded content on a compatible Grundig set. Read More
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More than meets the eye: Xonix 5-in-1 video sunglasses

OK it’s not on the Inspector Gadget scale of ingenuity, but five cool functions in one pair of sunnies from the Xonix Watch Company still gets the gadget gene in us twitching. When you’re not simply wearing them to shield your eyes from the sun – which is one of its functions – the sports-designed sunglasses also serve as a video recorder, camera, music player and memory storage device. Built-in memory of up to 16GB caters for up to eight hours of AVI format video capture or up to 160,000 images depending on the resolution, which peaks at a less than awe-inspiring 2.0 megapixels. Read More