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Adventure in Paris

In addition to being a world fashion capital, a theme seen throughout the Paris Motor Show was that France is a breeding ground for adventure. The French Alps have served as an incubator for some of today's craziest sports, such as wingsuit flying and speed flying. Perhaps that's why the Paris show had the largest serving of adventure vehicles that we've seen since Overland Expo. Special edition 4x4s, burlified mini SUVs and concepts straight-out named "Adventure" were seen throughout the show's various halls.  Read More

The 2014 Venturi America concept buggy in Paris (Photo: C.C. Weiss/Gizmag)

We don't hear from boutique automotive manufacturer Venturi very often, but when we do, it's always interesting news. The creator of the world's first production electric sports car revealed an updated version of its 2010 America electric dune buggy at this year's Paris Motor Show. The new concept car combines the high performance and handling of a sports car with the ever-fun design of a sand-hungry dune buggy.  Read More

Venturi VBB - 3 electric car will attempt to reach a speed of 700 km/h (434 m/h) in 2015 (...

French manufacturer Venturi Automobiles is no stranger to the world of high-speed electric vehicles. The company's ongoing collaboration with Ohio State University saw the Buckeye Bullet 2.5 set the current EV land speed record of 495 km/h (307mph) in 2010, and now the team is setting its sights on a new mark with what's billed as the most powerful electric car ever made – the Venturi VBB-3.  Read More

Frenchman Xavier Chevrin has just completed a 3,600 mile journey through Africa in an elec...

He's done it! Intrepid eco-adventurer Xavier Chevrin has completed his cross-country journey through deepest Africa in an electric Citroen Berlingo, taking in six countries and clocking up over 5,800 km (3,603 miles), including 600 km (372 miles) of rough terrain. Not even blown components and a broken leg prevented the Frenchman from completing the Mission Africa challenge.  Read More

Venturi America

Venturi, the French electric vehicle (EV) specialists responsible for the world’s first production electric sportscar, the Fetish, and the Volange, has unveiled its latest creation at the Paris Motor Show. The America concept is a new half buggy, half sportscar-style EV that is designed to blend an electric sportscar and an all-terrain leisure vehicle. The America borrows its electric motor from the new VM300 Fetish, which, with over 300 hp (+220 kW) and torque of 380 Nm, Venturi says is the, “most advanced electric motor ever designed for an automobile.”  Read More

Venturi's Volage concept electric sportscar that features the Michelin Active Wheel System

At the North American International Auto Show, Gizmag’s Noel McKeegan got the lowdown on the Venturi Volage concept electric sportscar from Venturi’s Clement Dorance. Venturi is the company responsible for the world’s first production electric sportscar, the Fetish, and its latest electric sportscar is the result of collaboration between Venturi and Michelin. It is one of the first applications of the Michelin Active Wheel System that replaces a vehicle’s traditional engine with eight electric motors located within the wheels. Each wheel contains two motors - one responsible for the propulsion and the other taking care of the suspension. As Clement explains this innovative design not only gives the Volage four-wheel-drive and active suspension, but also provides a low center of gravity to further enhance the maneuverability and overall performance of the vehicle.  Read More

The Venturi Mini

November 14, 2007 Cable connections are dying a slow death at the hands of convenient, wireless Bluetooth devices like this one. The Venturi Mini is a wireless music streaming and hands-free telephone gadget that works with most phones – but it’s the combination of new-world Bluetooth with the old-school technology of short-range FM radio transmission that makes this handy toy work with almost all car stereo.  Read More

Upmarkethort distance travel – the 3 kg Venturi Black Feather carbon fibre longboard

November 30, 2006 Like all consumer markets, the skateboard scene eventually established a luxury segment when BMW launched the Streetcarver five years ago. Now there’s a new (almost) unattainable object – it’s a relatively conventional longboard that befits a dotcom millionaire. Venturi of Monaco could convincingly lay claim to being one of the most innovative, futuristic and adventurous companies on the planet. It designed and built the World's first production electric sportscar, then partnered with Intel to make energy sharing possible, then backed it up last month with two announcments - the world’s first commercially-available electric-solar hybrid and the company’s pre-production energy-autonomous vehicle. Now the company offers an exclusive 200-only, collectors peice that is made entirely in carbon fiber and weighs just 3 kilograms. Combining light weight, a platform lowered to just 64mm and razor sharp steering, it offers a ride like no other. It is claimed to be the lightest and fastest longboard in the world. Remarkably, it only costs EUR480 (US$630). Be quick.  Read More

Intel partners with Venturi Fetish to make energy sharing possible

November 11, 2005 A strategic alliance between manufacturers of microchips and automobiles seems unlikely yet Intel and French Sports Car builder Venturi announced a pooling of their talents and resources yesterday, which has seen WiMAX wireless data communication technology incorporated into the Fetish, the world’s first all-electric sports car. We’ve previously reported on the Fetish here, here, here and here, but the addition of WIMAX adds considerably to the futuristic vision of Venturi - by incorporating an Alvarion pre-WiMAX wireless connection box into the car, the car will be in constant contact with its owner who can charge, discharge, or check the status from wherever they may be. WIMAX will also enable the factory to remotely monitor vehicle operation, fine-tune the car and even update on-board software. The data communication capability of the Fetish is just the first step on the road towards optimised energy management though. Thanks to WiMAX technology, the future Venturi vehicle - a solar powered electric vehicle - will usher in a new era of electric power-sharing networks in an urban environment. Using WiMAX technology, the fleet of vehicles will be remote-managed and each vehicle will be able to communicate with the others. Through its ability to store power and use wireless communications, the future electric car will be able to communicate with other vehicles, either to sell energy or to buy it. It could even act as a reservoir of energy for the State.  Read More

Venturi Fetish Electric Supercar debuts in Asia

June 25, 2005 A non-official rally of around fifty environmentally friendly vehicles has symbolically linked the place where the Kyoto Protocol had been signed to the 2005 Aichi World Expo dedicated this year to environmental issues. Edouard Michelin, CEO of Michelin Group, took the start driving a Venturi Fetish. The Venturi Fetish is the first electric supercar and car driven in Japan was number 16 from the production line in Monte Carlo. The car then had a number of high profile drivers take the wheel: Masanori Sekiya, the first Japanese driver to win the Le Mans race in 1995, then took the steering wheel, followed by Gildo Pallanca-Pastor, the CEO of Venturi Automobiles. The Venturi Fetish was honoured to be the first car to enter Aichi Expo.  Read More

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