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The 2011 Laureates represent the most remarkable examples of bespoke technology ever assem...

With two thirds of the world's population now carrying a mobile phone, the only functional aspect of the wristwatch is redundant. The appreciation of fine bespoke mechanical computers however, is stronger than ever - more than US$46 billion this year - three times the tablet computer marketplace. Last Saturday evening, the timepeice industry gathered for the Grand Prix de l'Horlogerie de Genève, where the industry awards the best timepeices in a dozen categories. The "Aiguille d'Or" was awarded to the US$87,000 De Bethune DB28. Another leaureate keeps time to one thousandth of a second and another keeps the true length of the day, both achieved mechanically. They cost more than a Ferrari, and are equally as complex. Showing this story to a loved one might cost you a lot of money.  Read More

The US$930,000 Rebellion REB-5 Black Diamond – the intersection of jewelery and horology

Proof that the jewelery and watchmaking industries are indeed one and the same, is the Rebellion REB-5. The watch on the right is the base model REB-5, which sells for 189,000 Swiss francs (US$196,000) and it’s hard not to take someone seriously if they’re wearing one. The one on the left is unique. It’s the Rebellion Black Diamond REB-5 and the person who buys it will have parted with 890,000 Swiss francs (US$928,500).  Read More

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