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V-22 Osprey

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Elytron 2S: The out-of-the-box tiltrotor concept

By - July 23, 2014 7 Pictures
Some people are never satisfied. You give them a plane, and they say it can’t hover. You give them a helicopter, and they say it can’t fly very high or fast. Looking to combine the advantages of both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters, Elytron Aircraft LLC of Mountain View, California is developing the Elytron 2S, a small tiltrotor aircraft that uses a box wing configuration and is aimed at the civilian market. Read More
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In pictures: Farnborough Airshow 2012

By - July 12, 2012 96 Pictures
The skies over Hampshire, England, may have been resolutely overcast, but there has been nothing dull about the spectacle of the biennial Farnborough International Airshow taking place in them this week. Crowds composed mostly of media, military and millionaires endured airport-style security checks to observe aerial displays from ear-piercing fighter jet fighters, enormous airliners and aeronautic display teams of dubious sanity. Read More
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U.S. Marine Corps takes delivery of latest V-22 Osprey

By - February 19, 2012 15 Pictures
The tilt-rotor Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey program received a boost last week when the U.S. Marine Corps took delivery of the latest variant. The Osprey, which began development some 30 years ago, combines the helicopter's ability to take off and land vertically, with the speed of a regular aircraft. The recently delivered Block C variant includes an improved weather radar system, an upgraded crew and passenger aircon system, improvements to the cockpit Electronic Flight Instrument displays and upgrades to the Electronic Warfare Systems. Read More
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The MV-22 Osprey goes intercontinental

By - August 8, 2006 9 Pictures
August 9, 2006 Two Bell Boeing MV-22 Ospreys recently visited the United Kingdom for the Royal International Air Tattoo (RIAT) and Farnborough International Air Show (FAS). Though the demonstration flights at RIAT and FAS were conducted by Bell Boeing pilots, the flights to and from the United States were part of an overall long range operational evaluation being conducted by the US Marines. The Osprey is such a new animal, with its dual helicopter and long-range plane capabilities that the Marines are busy “writing the book" on long-range deployments and have been conducting a series of long-distance flights to develop tactics,techniques and procedures for long-range, over-water movements of MV-22s, in preparation for the first combat deployment in 2007. Unlike conventional rotary wing aircraft, which must be transported into overseas theaters of operation aboard amphibious shipping or heavy lift transport planes, the V-22 can self-deploy thousands of miles over water to get itself to the fight. Read More
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V-22 Osprey readies for combat

By - March 11, 2006 30 Pictures
March 12, 2006 EXTENSIVE IMAGE LIBRARY It’s been a long road for the Osprey but the aircraft first conceived several decades ago as being uniquely suitable for a wide range of military applications is finally being readied for the battlefront. The first combat-configured CV-22 Osprey left Bell Helicopter in Texas earlier this month and can expected to see action in Iraq and Afghanistan within months, most likely in transporting special operations teams and their gear into and out of action. The Osprey CV-22 converts between airplane and helicopter modes and is twice as fast as any previous VTOL aircraft, but also has significantly enhanced survivability and five times the range, offering operational flexibility beyond its most obvious in delivering specialist military capability to the exact point it is required and retrieving it afterwards. Read More

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