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Honda paddle-shifts over dirt with 2016 Pioneer 1000 UTV

By - June 15, 2015 20 Pictures

Last year, Honda earned some press for adding paddle shifters to its Pioneer 500 UTV. Now, it's launching a larger, more powerful side-by-side with the feature – the all-new 2016 Pioneer 1000. Honda says its new UTV flagship is the first side-by-side in the industry with a six-speed automatic dual-clutch transmission and the class leader in engine size. Work or play, this UTV is hungry for dirt and mud.

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Bug-E multi-purpose EV concept features sliding steering wheel

By - June 29, 2011 15 Pictures
With a top speed of just 15 mph (24 kph), Thomas Young's Bug-E electric vehicle concept is not likely to be a contender for the next must-have personal transport solution on our roads, but that's not what it's really about anyway. This multi-purpose four-wheeler is more suited to trundling around public parks and gardens, theme parks or the golf course - and it sports four rear storage options to help it fit into numerous usage scenarios. Users would also be able to slide the steering wheel into a left- or right-hand drive position, to share the responsibility of driving without having to swap seats, or to fit in with local conditions. Read More
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Fully electric Boshart Tersus off-road utility vehicle

By - March 17, 2008 3 Pictures
While we may have to wait a while for plug-in electric cars to be viable for highway use, there's plenty of other applications where battery-powered vehicles already make a lot of sense. One such application is for agricultural and industrial utility vehicles, which are driven around primarily on a business's premises. Distances are generally quite short, speeds low and use often infrequent - but they need to have good carrying capacity for heavy gear, and be cheap to run and maintain. Boshart's electric Tersus, based on the Phoenix SUT but with a smaller, much less expensive battery, provides a viable, green alternative utility vehicle around a private campus, with speeds up to 25mph, 4-passenger plus 1000lbs payload capacity and a 1-hour recharge to 80% capacity. Read More
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Tiny but mighty - the Kubota RTV1100 luxury mini-utility

By - June 20, 2007 9 Pictures
June 21, 2007 Sitting somewhere between a golf cart, an ATV and a tiny utility, Kubota's RTV1100 is a curious-looking vehicle. But this fun little diesel-powered 1123cc getabout delivers a new level of quiet, air-conditioned comfort, hard-working, all-terrain performance and roll-cage safety. These and other practical innovations should combine to make it a very popular vehicle for those who work on large, spread-out properties. Read More
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Fully-electric, 95mph Sports Utility charges in 10 minutes

By - June 17, 2007 11 Pictures
June 18, 2007 Another step towards exploding the perception that electric vehicles will never have the grunt, range or practicality of their oil guzzling, high-emission counterparts has been taken in California with a record charging time demonstrated for the all-electric Phoenix SUT (Sport Utility Truck). The milestone demonstration by AeroVironment saw the 35kWh (kilowatt-hour) battery pack developed for use with the Phoenix fully-charged in less than ten minutes - enough to power the five-seat utility for 100 miles. Read More
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Boat building skills transform utility vehicles

By - June 5, 2007 1 Picture
June 6, 2007 From plumbers to mobile mechanics and ambulance services, specific industries rely on suitably equipped vehicles to cater to their particular needs, but why build these vehicles from the ground-up when a more efficient way forward can be found through utilizing a common platform and modifying it to meet any objective. This is the premise behind the Transformer Top, a system developed with the aid of boat building skills that turns a four wheel drive pickup into a dedicated vehicle for almost any application. Read More
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The EDAG Luxury Utility Vehicle (LUV) concept car for Geneva Motor Show

By - January 24, 2007 3 Pictures
January 25, 2007 The latest concept car from EDAG Engineering + Design AG, has a distinct nautical flair, with oiled teak used on the bonnet, inside as the floor covering , and again on the elegant loading platform behind the five seat cabin which gives it the air of a quarterdeck. Conceived as a niche vehicle, the Luxury Utility Vehicle (LUV) presents a maritime appearance from its bows to its stern, and is targeted at customers who are not looking for just an ordinary car, and who appreciate something more distinctive. The dimensions of the vehcile are also imposing - an impressive overall length of 5.7 metres, over 2 metres wide and 1.8 metres high, the EDAG LUV is a real eye-catcher which will be seen for the first time in public at the Geneva Motor Show on March 7, 2007. Read More
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A new class premieres – the Sports Utility Cabriolet (SUC)

By - September 25, 2005 33 Pictures
September 26, 2005 The undeniable trend in world automotive sales over the last few decades has been the rise of the SUV, and in particular, the luxury SUV. The luxury SUV market offers the spaciousness, comfort, technology and customer services of a luxury car without the same price and value-for-money is just one of the reasons why luxury SUVs are increasingly taking the place of the family car. Another key trend of recent times that is gaining strength is the cabriolet – the ability to take the top off a car and drive with the wind in your hair is something people are increasingly prepared to pay for. So why not combine the two trends. German automotive specialist Karmann, best known for the Karmann Ghia Volkswagen, has done just that, and its research suggests the category could be huge within the decade. We agree. We also speak with Jorg Steuernagel, Chief Stylist at Karmann who explains how the idea came about and why the prospects are so bright. Read More
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Sport Trac Adrenalin – supercharged V8, All-Wheel-Drive, 6-speed auto, Sport Utility Truck

By - March 20, 2005 11 Pictures
March 21, 2005 The Ford Sport Trac Adrenalin is a high-performance sport-utility truck (SUT) and will effectively launch its own category when it goes on sale in the United States in 2007. The Adrenalin comes with a full-house of functionality - a supercharged, 390-horsepower V-8, a six-speed automatic transmission, SVT-tuned fully independent suspension, all-wheel-drive , the utility of a pick-up and room for four. The Adrenalin showcases Ford's plans to produce in 2007 the first sport truck offering the combination of uncompromised utility, four-passenger capability and true performance. Along with the Ford Shelby Cobra GT500 - which will go on sale in 2006 - Adrenalin will continue SVT's product momentum that has been growing since the introduction of the acclaimed Ford GT super car in 2004. Read More

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