Computational creativity and the future of AI

University of Calgary

I'm no veterinary, but I'm pretty sure that's cheating... Dr. Catriona Bell and Madeleine ...

Veterinary students at The University of Edinburgh now have a life-sized model of a horse sink their teeth, or, rather, arms into. The "equine simulator" comes equipped with inflating latex intestines to familiarize students with the symptoms of colic, abdominal pain that can sometimes lead to death, depending on the cause.  Read More

A team of researchers have come up with a novel take on screen sharing inspired by traditi...

Researchers are investigating a means of virtually projecting images from handheld devices onto computer screens. Beyond simply being a means of screen sharing across devices, the research looks at traditional projection - physically shining a still or moving image onto a flat service - as a metaphor for multi-device interaction. In a video demo, researchers manipulate the "projected" image on the larger screen using iPhone accelerometer controls and gestures.  Read More

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