Clear Lounge underwater oxygen bar is a real gas

If you like your nights out unusual, then look no farther. Visitors to the Clear Lounge bar in Cozumel, Mexico, are submerged in a 13,000-gal (59,100-l) tank of water while scented oxygen is pumped into their diving helmets. If that sounds mundane, then there's underwater Jenga to keep you occupied.Read More


Trident ROV may be that underwater drone you've been looking for

Aerial drones are great for providing a bird’s eye view of our world. That said, some people are more interested in seeing a fish’s eye view of their local seacoast or lake. Previously, such folks had to build their own underwater remote-operated vehicle (ROV). Three years ago, San Francisco startup OpenROV made things a little easier for them, by offering an ROV kit that users put together themselves. Now, the company is crowdfunding the fully-assembled Trident ROV, which can reportedly be "flown" through the water.

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Digital Cameras

PowerGrip H2O selfie stick charges your GoPro underwater

While we've previously seen a number of GoPro accessories which can keep you shooting when the battery runs out, the PolarPro PowerGrip H2O is the first we've come across capable of live-charging the action camera while underwater. Currently looking for funding on Kickstarter, the PowerGrip H2O is a waterproof selfie stick with an integrated battery, which can charge a camera at depths of up to 30 m (99 ft).Read More


Underwater chemical garden powers a light bulb

Researchers at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory have grown underwater chimney-like structures capable of generating enough electricity to power a light bulb. The team linked several of these chimneys to get the required electricity. Their findings indicate that the seafloor equivalents of these chemical gardens might just have contributed the electricity needed for the Earth's first organisms to develop.Read More


Seawolf sub takes your GoPro on an undersea voyage

While there are plenty of aerial drones that show us our surroundings from up in the air, there are far fewer remote-control devices that let us see what's lurking beneath the surface of the water. Although the Aquabotix Hydroview is one, at around US$3,000 it certainly isn't cheap. While still not inexpensive, the newest version of the TTRobotix Seawolf is considerably less pricey – partly because it incorporates the user's existing GoPro actioncam.Read More


CoCoRo underwater mini-robots school like fish and share knowledge

Starting in April 2011, the European Union CoCoRo (Collective Cognitive Robots) research consortium has been developing three varieties of autonomous underwater robots that school together like fish. By doing so, the little bots can share and learn from each others' "knowledge" of their environment, acting as a collective cognitive system that's smarter than any one of its individual parts.Read More


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