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Waterproof UE Boom 2 rolls up to the party

Headphones let us enjoy music just about anywhere, but if you don't want to isolate yourself socially and share some tunes then a portable speaker is the way to go. However, not all are built to withstand the perils of rough outdoor life, and ones that are may not be portable or loud enough. Ultimate Ears' new UE Boom 2 Bluetooth speaker is designed to be adventure-proof, louder, and longer-reaching than the original.Read More

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Review: Ultimate Ears Roll waterproof speaker creates a splash

Ultimate Ears boasts an impressive record with its line of Bluetooth speakers since the release of the original UE Boom in 2013, which it followed up with the smaller UE Mini Boom and the larger UE Megaboom. All of these speakers pack big sound, loud colors and a portable form factor. Ultimate Ears’ latest and most compact speaker, the UE Roll, launched just in time for the Northern Hemisphere summer and we dive in to see how it hangs, dunks, floats, and sounds.Read More


Ultimate Ears six driver per ear monitors

Logitech's in-ear monitor maker, Ultimate Ears, has announced the forthcoming release of a new member of its professional audio family - the UE 18 Pro six high fidelity speakers per bud, noise canceling monitors. Aimed at professional musicians or dedicated quality-at-any-cost music lovers, the earphones on steroids are claimed to give the user crystal clear sounds across the whole frequency range.Read More


Myvu video eyewear gets a style boost

January 9, 2008 Myvu has unveiled its redesigned line of video eyewear at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) with two new models designed to inject a dose of fashion into the wearable, hands-free personal cinema experience: myvu crystal and myvu shades. The new generation Myvu shades feature a glance-down design that allows viewers to maintain true situational awareness and the broad and unobstructed field of view enables new applications and uses that were not possible before. Myvu crystal features an increased resolution from Quarter VGA to VGA quality without sacrificing its sleek, ergonomic design, along with a 35% increase in the field of view over existing myvu models, providing true DVD quality. Read More

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New Triple-Driver Earphones – that’s right, three speakers inside each ear

October 5, 2006 Given the rate at which digital audio and video players are being sold, it’s reasonable to expect that within a decade, personal entertainment devices will be ubiquitous, and they will all have a headphone jack and every human being above the poverty line will carry a set of headphones. Now a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and its also very true that many personal entertainment devices are being limited by the headphones. So headphones and earphones are likely to undergo some serious development in the coming years and the new US$400 10 Pro earphones look to have raised the consumer bar to a new level - the tiny earphones incorporate three miniature speakers per ear to deliver blow-you-away fidelity and are modelled after far-more-expensive models for professional musicians. Read More

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The Superstar Earphone: Retail Versions of Musicians' In-Ear Monitors

June 14, 2005 When we wrote up UltimateEars last October, we explained how the company specialises in making custom deluxe “ear gear’ for rock’s royalty and basically ooohed and aaahed at the price (US$900) and quality of the custom- moulded Ultimate Ears in-ear monitors that have been worn by just about all of rock’s superstars for the last decade so they can ensure the best possible sound on stage. Now consumers can get the same first-class audio with a new range of Ultimate Ears earphones -- premium universal-fit earbuds designed for use with personal devices. The 5EB (US$199.99) and 5Pro (US$249.99) incorporate the company's proprietary technology to make music from U2 to Kelly Clarkson, Eminem, Ray Charles and even Rachmaninoff sound crisper and fuller than ever before.Read More

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Ultimate UE5c Ear Monitors for ultimate music

October 29, 2004 Ultimate Ears in-ear monitors are small, bi-amplified multi-armature speakers encased in a custom, comfortable, proprietary ear-mold. The products reduce external noise and preserve the entire frequency range of audio input, unlike off-the-shelf generic earpieces. At $US 900 for the top of the line UE-10 Pro model (over twice the price of a 40GB i-Pod) it may seem expensive for an earpiece, but Ultimate Ears are hand crafted for your ear from an imprint made by an audiologist and offer unparalleled sound quality backed up by a personalized frequency response measurement test. Read More


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