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Twittertape Machine brings antiquated charm to social networking

By - March 20, 2012 10 Pictures
The stock ticker was invented around 150 years ago and was still in use as recently as the late 1960s, when computers and television caused its obsolescence. It kept traders up to speed on the latest prices in readable text on a thin strip of paper and, by necessity, messages were very short. These days, many of us receive short news updates via Twitter on a computer or smartphone screen. Adam Vaughan's Twittertape Machine elegantly brings those two worlds together in a device that connects to his Twitter account via Ethernet, checks for updates twice every minute, and prints out a hard copy of any new Tweets without the need for printer ink. Read More

One Street Tweeter - the Twitter-powered road-painting printer

The G8 Summit, the annual meeting of leaders from eight of the world’s largest economies, is always a popular venue for protestors who don’t like what some of those leaders are doing. While you may not be able to make it to this year’s upcoming event in Maryland, an advocacy group known as One could still get your message out – by using what could best be described as a giant inkjet printer to paint it on the street. Read More
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Update Twitter in Morse Code with the Tworsekey

By - February 6, 2012 2 Pictures
Urgent messages sent using Morse Code via radio waves or by electrical telegraphy are, by necessity, quite short - after all, you don't want to spend all day dotting and dashing your way through War and Peace. These days, of course, if you want to send the latest piece of gossip or news to those near and dear there are quite a few quicker options - from email to instant messaging and Facebook to Twitter. For users of the latter networking platform who are looking for a novel way to merge the old with the new, Martin Kaltenbrummer's open source Tworsekey Morse Code interface can deliver messages direct to the Twitter API via Ethernet LAN. Read More
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FaceNiff app for Android puts Facebook hacking in the palm of your hand (and we tell you how to avoid it)

By - June 2, 2011 3 Pictures
We brought news of Eric Butler's Firefox extension for HTTP session hijacking called Firesheep back in October last year, but if you haven't already taken steps to ensure your privacy and security online, we hope this does the trick - FaceNiff is a new Android app that can be used to hijack sessions on public or private Wi-Fi networks without needing to lug around a laptop. Read More
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Charlie Sheen’s meteoric rise to Twitter God status - after one week he's 58th with a bullet

By - March 9, 2011 1 Picture
Charlie Sheen it seems, does not do things by halves. Within a week of opening his Twitter account, he’s being followed by 2.2 million people and creating some serious personal "share of attention" in the entertainment world. He's poised to race past Time magazine, People, the New York Times and the NBA and Irish bookmakers are now taking bets on just how far Charlie's record-breaking following will grow. Amazingly, the oddson a range of special bets and achievements are quite short that Sheen will be close to the top 10 most powerful Twitter opinion makers in the world - perhaps even at number one. Read More
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Military software developer premiers social media app at CES

By - January 14, 2011 1 Picture
Given the wild success of Facebook and Twitter, it was no surprise to see various fledgling social media platforms being promoted at CES in Las Vegas. One that caught our attention was SMYLE, the creation of New Jersey-based Drakontas, a company with a background in providing geospatial tools for “warfighters and tactical professionals.” SMYLE is Drakontas’ foray into the world of civilian technology, but it remains big on something that is important to soldiers and cops: collaboration. Read More
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Multitouch Twitter Wall headed for CES 2011

By - December 21, 2010 4 Pictures
Chirpy social networking portal Twitter is about to get a huge Consumer Electronics Show (CES) boost in a few weeks' time. Finland's Multitouch Ltd has announced that it will allow show visitors and exhibitors to interact with the Official 2011 International CES Twitter Wall, consisting of at least six Multitouch Cell 46 displays measuring 3 x 2 feet. Tweets will be fed to the wall in real-time from selected hashtags, including the official #CES tag, and keywords. As well as being able to open individuals posts and move them around, users will also be able to watch videos and view photos, too. Read More
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Internet-connected Tableau nightstand prints and scans Twitter pics

By - December 13, 2010 3 Pictures
The Internet allows us to connect with friends in every corner of the world, but sometimes a physical, tangible link in the communication can make its absence felt. A nightstand with embedded printer and scanner, John Kestner's Tableau puts a physical experience in networking with family and friends, and makes viewing and sharing photos via Twitter as simple and natural as opening and closing a drawer. Read More
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The Kickbee tweets when your unborn baby kicks

By - July 13, 2010 6 Pictures
If our pets can now send tweets, then it only makes sense that our unborn children should be able to as well. The Kickbee is a prototype device that lets them do just that, even if they’re not aware that they’re doing it. It takes the form of an electronics-filled stretchable spandex band, which the pregnant mother wears over her bulging belly. When it detects movement underneath itself, the result is a Twitter update along the lines of “I kicked Mommy!” Read More

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