Tegris: Thermoplastic composite takes on carbon fiber

Spartanburg, South Carolina, is home to one of the largest privately owned chemical and textile research establishments in the world, Milliken & Company. The firm's innovative research that combines textiles and chemistry has now produced a thermoplastic composite called Tegris that is cheap, recyclable and tough. These properties make Tegris an attractive alternative to (or composite partner for) carbon fiber, and it's already proving to have wide ranging applications in the automotive, military and sporting industries. Read More

The puffer jacket that turns into a travel pillow

There have been many times when I've had to resort to resting my head against clothing or bags when traveling, with a sore neck the usual result. Problems like that could be a thing of the past with Tumi's Patrol Travel Puffer Jacket, which transforms into a pillow when you stuff it into a hidden pouch in the collar.Read More

Mobile Technology

Tumi's PowerPack Backpack - the Gift That Gives Twice

November 14, 2006 Here’s a fantastic product with a double banger reason to consider purchasing. The Tumi PowerPack Backpack is designed for people who wish to travel widely and regularly get off-the-grid for periods of time. It has a removable solar panel for charging your phone, PDA etcetera, a TUMI international electric adaptor built-in, a removable, padded laptop sleeve, three other removable compartments and numerous interior and exterior accessories pockets for essentials such as a flashlight, travel documents, camera and water bottle. The limited edition PowerPack backpack from Tumi was co-designed with international artist Anish Kapoor, and each of the 500 backpacks features an Anish Kapoor Imprimatur on the face of the bag, is individually numbered, and has a limited edition metal plaque on the shoulder strap. Here’s the clincher - Tumi will donate 100% of the proceeds of each bag sold to Medecins Sans Frontieres /Doctors Without Borders (MSF), the international humanitarian aid organization that provides emergency medical assistance in more than 70 countries around the world.Read More


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