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Miele to release solar-heated clothes dryer

By - September 2, 2011 3 Pictures
At last year's IFA electronics trade show, Miele unveiled its SmartGrid-ready washer and dryer. Although they run off of regular mains power, these machines are also able to access the internet and determine when rates will be cheapest. Users indicate the time period in which the laundry must be washed or dried, the appliances choose the least expensive time within that period, then proceed to automatically start at that time. At IFA 2011, Miele has gone one better by unveiling what it describes as the world's first dryer to use the heat of the sun to get the wetness out of clothes. Read More
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Miele showcases a washing machine that knows when electricity is cheap

By - September 1, 2010 9 Pictures
Miele has announced its new smart grid ready domestic appliances at IFA 2010. These appliances have been designed to start automatically when electricity is cheapest, offering consumers energy savings. The first two appliances featuring smart-grid functionality will be a washing machine and a tumble dryer. The models can also be fitted with Miele’s gateway communication module, providing access to the appliances through a PC and the ability to monitor electricity rates. Read More
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The Electrolux condenser tumble dryer uses steam to make ironing easier and saves on dry cleaning bills

By - May 16, 2007 4 Pictures
May 17, 2007 One of the most universally despised chores, ironing is a killer-app opportunity. With this in mind, household appliance innovator Electrolux has introduced a new type of condenser tumble dryer that cleverly uses steam to make the job of ironing easier. Iron Aid is a unique technological innovation, with special steam cycles that will reduce, or even eliminate, the need to iron, saving the hassle and time associated with this chore. The design uses steam to reduce and remove wrinkles and creases, to deliver ready-to-wear clothes. Up to five wrinkle free shirts can be produced in just 20 minutes and the Iron Aid can refresh and de-odorise even “dry clean only” garments and will refresh a silk or wool suit in 20 minutes. The product was released in Europe earlier this year, achieving its projected annual sales figures for 2007 by the end of March. Like we said, ironing is a killer-app opportunity, and this product appears to be a contender. Read More
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New clothes washer uses steam and no detergent

By - April 22, 2006 3 Pictures
April 23, 2006 The electric-powered clothes washing machine was invented less than 100 years ago. Before that time, was the washboard (now better known as a musical instrument) and before that clothes were washed by hand using a variety of instruments, most notably the worlds’ favourite all-time multipurpose tool, the rock! The science of cleaning our clothes has advanced rapidly in the last few decades, and a new washing system from LG that incorporates steam technology to clean clothes without the use of detergent is a significant breakthrough. The steam capability can be used as a stand-alone 20-minute SteamFresh Cycle, which refreshes clothing, or combined with a normal hot or warm water wash cycle for better cleaning and a reduction in wrinkles. Not quite as historically significant but worth a mention for those interested in making the most of their time, is the Remote Monitoring System. Also from LG, the system has a remote monitor that enables consumers to monitor cycle progress while they focus on other activities around the home. The remote monitor shows the progress and remaining time on the washing, refreshing and drying cycles. This system, which utilizes Power Line Communication (PLC) technology, is easy to use and works by simply plugging the monitor into any electrical outlet within the home. Read More
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New Hitachi machine washes and dries clothes all in one

By - November 1, 2004 1 Picture
November 2, 2004 A new Air Jet Dry system from Hitachi not only washes clothes - but dries them as well, all in the one compact machine. Perfect for busy households, the Air Jet leaves clothes dry, tangle-free and ready to wear once ironed. And because the air is not heated, it won't damage your clothes like a dryer can. Ideal for ever-increasing hectic lifestyles and limited living spaces, the new Air Jet is available in stores now. "People have always thought of washing machines as having a single purpose - to wash clothes," says Shibily Moidy, Product Manager, Home and Life Solutions, Hitachi Australia. "But with innovations like the new Air Jet, we are engineering a new phase of development where washers and air dryers are interactive and able to serve multiple purposes." Read More

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