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Boxer Cycles gives the trike the look of a classic aircraft

By - May 5, 2015 21 Pictures

Cargo cycles tend to look much more visually interesting than traditional bikes and trikes – designs like the Velove Armadillo are all but guaranteed to turn heads on the street. Even within a segment of such new and unusual designs, the Boxer Rocket stands out with bold, stylish looks. Inspired by both fictional and real-life aircraft from decades way past, the new bicycle carries passengers in an aluminum-skinned "rocket."

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— Motorcycles

William Shatner-designed Rivet motorcycle is set to stun

By - April 8, 2015 4 Pictures
We've seen some pretty eye-catching motorcycles in recent months, including a Tron light cycle replica, the exotic Feline One, and the quirky Dryvtech 2x2x2. That said, all of those bikes have one glaring shortcoming – none of them were co-designed by William Shatner. The actor who brought us the character of Captain James T. Kirk is, however, one of the creative forces behind the limited-edition Rivet. And judging by what he's told us, he's pretty proud of it. Read More

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