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The Crusoe Modular 18ft Adventure Trimaran

South African Guy Joubert has been adventuring into every corner of Africa since before the age of ten, and in his adult years his pursuit of fishing, sailing, surfing, diving and exploration has enabled him to try first-hand the traditional native watercraft of numerous countries. So when Joubert decided to design a modern day, high tech, expedition quality, multi-purpose adventure sailing craft, it’s not surprising that the design should have DNA recognizable from outrigger sailing craft that evolved over thousands of years … made of modern materials, and with ingenious use of space and propulsion methods. The Crusoe craft is your fully adaptable go anywhere, do anything mobile home and equipment locker.  Read More

The Wide Open (with optional top), Sportboat and Sailfin versions of the Zingy

So, you’re thinking about buying your first boat... What kind do you want - a boat for ripping around the lake, one for a tranquil morning of fishing on the pond, or something for catching the wind and bouncing across the waves? Whaddaya mean, all of those? Actually, inventor Clayton Turney would tell you he’s got just the watercraft for you. His Zingy boats were designed with first-timers/generalists in mind, as they can apparently be used as motorboats, rowboats or sailboats, they’re small enough to carry on the back of a motorhome, and are supposedly quite easy to handle. Oh yeah, and they’re also claimed to be unsinkable.  Read More

The world’s first tribrid – human-sail-electric watercraft range

Two landmark water transportation announcements from Hobie this week could seriously supercharge the adventure and recreational marketplaces. Its announcements effectively means the company will be selling the first tribrid – a watercraft powered by a combination of three energy sources – when its new electric option becomes available in March at the same time as the much-awaited Mirage Tandem Island hits showrooms.  Read More

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