The list of things you can do with your USB memory stick just keeps getting longer. The latest 2-in-one effort from TrekStor will ensure you don't get caught short at your next BBQ - the USB stick CO is a high-speed data storage device which doubles as a bottle opener. Read More
March 13, 2007 TrekStor will be presenting an interesting new external hard disk at CeBIT 2007 in Hanover later this week. Best known as a manufacturer hard disks, USB sticks and the world’s most expensive MP3 player, it’s latest creation is a 3.5 inch hard disk with integrated 9 format card reader compatible with anything from SD to compact flash memory cards plus dual USB 2.0 hub. Indeed, the DataStation maxi t.uch can automatically back up of its own data. Read More
August 18, 2006 German storage manufacturer TrekStor has introduced a USB stick with eight gigabytes of storage. Measuring about twice the width of current USB sticks, though thinner and shorter, the new TrekStor Model CS-D stick is available in six (US$140) and eight (US$180) gigabyte models. The CS-D is 1.25 inches wide, 0.375 inches thick, and 2.5 inches long including the cover but does NOT use flash memory, employing a miniature shock-mounted one-inch hard drive. The CS-D weighs less than an ounce and is intended for same daily use as flash-technology memory products. Read More
April 5, 2006 German audio and storage company TrekStor, has received an order from Russian-Canadian billionaire and owner of the Midland Formula 1 team, Alex Shnaider, to develop the world's most expensive MP3 player. This luxurious piece of jewelry, valued at approx. US$20,000, is cast in 750 gold and adorned with numerous diamonds and a valuable chain. The idea to develop the world's most expensive MP3 player came to Shnaider while negotiating a sponsorship deal with TrekStor CEO, Daniel Szmigiel. Shnaider was so fascinated by the i.Beat organix – a handy, 40g player with full-bodied sound and winner of eleven accolades – that he placed a special order for the unique, custom-made device on the spot. Read More