AL01 bike rack folds small for travel

A lot of cyclists like to take their bike with them when traveling by air, or they'll rent one upon reaching their destination. That said, they may still need a way of transporting it once they get there. Using a folding bike or renting a large vehicle are a couple of solutions, but Allen Sports has now announced another – the AL01, which is billed as being the world's smallest folding bike rack.Read More


EarthRoamer reveals its largest off-road expedition vehicle yet

“That’s cool, but you’re never going to sell one.” It’s a sentiment that EarthRoamer, builder of some of the world's toughest off-road expedition vehicles, has heard many times over the 12 years it's been rolling product out. But it has sold them, 150 of them, in fact. The company is so confident that it will keep selling them that it is now working on an even larger, more expensive 4x4 motorhome. We previously took a look at the basic specs of the all-new XV-HD expedition vehicle, and after traveling to Overland Expo, we have a few more details about this beastly build, including its near-seven figure price tag.Read More

Outdoors Feature

In pictures: Rubber, metal and mud at Overland Expo West 2015

Gizmag traveled to last week's Overland Expo West in Northern Arizona to explore the latest in 4x4s and adventure campers. In contrast to last year's warm, beautiful weather, this year was cold and rainy with a touch of snow, creating tire-swallowing, ego-crushing mud that left many a vehicle grinding its gears fruitlessly. It wasn't ideal weather for a camping trip, but it proved the perfect backdrop for showcasing rugged four-wheelers with specialized chassis and powertrain components.Read More


Silent Guitars given SRT power boost

Yamaha has revealed the third generation of its award-winning Silent Guitars series ahead of a July release in the US. Described as the perfect guitars for practice, travel or stage, the new "near silent" SLG200 series guitars feature something called Studio Response Technology that's been designed to recreate the body resonance, tone and ambiance of an acoustic guitar in an instrument that, well, doesn't have much of a body.Read More


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