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Holiday in orbit: Galactic Suite space resort opening 2012

August 22, 2007 ‘Space tourism’ is the latest buzz phrase to hit the high-end travel industry with cosmos tourists already visiting the international space station and now news that a hotel stay in space is as little as five short years away. The Galactic Suite Space Resort, run by directors Xavier Claramunt and Marsal Gifra, aims to offer travellers the “most thrilling and transcendent experience ever” with a stay on board an orbital luxury getaway. Upon arrival at the first ever space resort, guests will be able to experience a new world of sensations including weightlessness, star gazing, amazing views of planet Earth with 15 sunsets in a day - not to mention being aboard a spaceship that takes you from 0 to 28,000kmh in 10 minutes.Read More

Good Thinking

Superbungee takes aim at the traditional shoulder strap

August 21, 2007 Laptop bags, satchels and other shoulder bags generally do a fairly good job of protecting what they’re carrying – but how much thought gets put into the primary interface of the bag with the body? Skooba’s Superbungee is a retro-fittable shoulder strap that uses air-cell padding, grippy laminates and “sports-tuned suspension” to minimize carrying shock and perceived weight as you schlep your gear about.Read More

Holiday Destinations

Free food allergy translations take the stress out of eating on vacation

June 10, 2007 This isn't a gizmo so much as a fantastic free Web service that we see as being exceptionally useful. It's tough enough working out how not to order the monkey brains when you're in a foreign country where you don't speak the language - let alone communicating to restaurant staff and stall vendors about food allergies that could ruin your holiday and even cost you your life. is a great free service that lets you download printable PDF files of more than 200 allergenic food items and their translations in a wide range of languages. Read More


DaySafe 100: the anti-theft laptop backpack

June 2, 2007 The petty criminal's work is based on minimal risk for maximal reward - snatching an unwatched handbag, slashing a backpack and collecting the spoils as they fall, sizing up which tourist is carrying a laptop or camera they can easily make off with. Simple measures to make life more difficult for thieves can act as an excellent deterrent, and this is where PacSafe has carved its market niche. Starting out with a slashproof metal net to protect backpackers' gear on the road, PacSafe has extended its line to include quick and practical secure carrybags for a range of urban and travel situations. With the latest anti-theft laptop backpack in tow, Gizmag's Loz Blain reports.Read More


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