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American Dream Trailer revives vintage camper with rowboat roof

By - June 13, 2015 14 Pictures

There are plenty of camping trailers that haul boats and other outdoor gear into the wild. We've covered options like the SylvanSport GO-Easy and BCT MOAB Yak within the past year. Portland-based American Dream Trailer Company has a new – er, revisited – idea for how to best transport a boat on your camper. In place of the typical gear racks, its trailer uses a matching boat that secures to the trailer roof like a fitted hat.

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Mother Of All Bivouacs (MOAB) off-road trailers done two ways

By - June 8, 2015 23 Pictures

Since 2008, Phoenix-based Bivouac Camping Trailers has been offering stout, versatile camping trailers meant to haul recreational gear deep into the wild and set up camp for a night or more. The new MOAB Gobi breaks the mold of cargo box + pop-out tent, giving BCT buyers the option of a rugged teardrop with go-anywhere grit. Also new to the line, the MOAB Crawler is a tiny aluminum box built to go "where no MOAB has gone before."

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Knaus Travelino envisages a clean, light camper of the future

By - September 24, 2014 12 Pictures
Last year, German camper specialist Knaus Tabbert used the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon to present its vision of the future camping trailer. The yacht-inspired Caravisio was a large, luxurious home-on-wheels with some careful aerodynamic treatments. This year, Knaus went small, light and simple, presenting the Travelino concept, a compact trailer outfitted with space- and weight-saving features. Read More
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Towter Transporter is designed to make moving a wheelchair easier

By - August 25, 2014 2 Pictures
When someone has a powered wheelchair that needs to be transported, the purchase of a wheelchair-accessible van is often required. Canadian inventor Len Wideman, however, doesn’t think that people should have to go to such an extreme. That’s why he created the Towter Transporter. It’s a climate-controlled trailer that’s designed for the easy loading and unloading of wheelchairs, and it can be towed by any standard-hitch-equipped vehicle. Read More
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GO-Easy ultralight trailer/camper rides behind a motorcycle or small car

By - August 13, 2014 24 Pictures
Several years back, SylvanSport introduced the GO Trailer, which remains one of the most versatile gear hauler/camper combos we've seen to date. The GO was designed to be a practical, lightweight trailer, but the company decided it wasn't quite lightweight enough. The new GO-Easy trailer is a smaller, simpler trailer that weighs a fraction of the original. It can haul bikes, boats and other gear and serve as a minimalistic camping trailer. Read More
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Modular, electric bike trailer provides strain-free haulage

By - July 22, 2014 17 Pictures
The Brouhaha Bike Trailer from Wisconsin-based Rollout Self-Propelled Trailers puts a bit of horsepower behind your two-wheeler. Unlike on some other electric-powered bike trailers, that horsepower doesn't make pedaling any easier; it simply adjusts for the weight of the load so that the cyclist can pedal like normal while carrying everything from a full tailgating set-up to a stand-up paddleboard. Read More
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Solo Shuttle Trailer lets you kayak with your bike ... and bike with your kayak

By - June 19, 2014 3 Pictures
Kayaking down rivers is definitely a fun experience, with new scenery constantly presenting itself at every turn. It does offer one logistical challenge, though – you have to leave one vehicle at your take-out point before you start, then take another vehicle (with your kayak on it) upriver to the put-in. That, or you have to arrange for someone to pick you up. Either way, it's not a one-person activity. Ohio-based inventor Jerry Allen, however, has created a possible solution. His Solo Shuttle Trailer lets you tow your kayak behind your bicycle to get to the put-in, then bring your bike along for the trip to the take-out. Read More

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