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The Gamerator serves up arcade classics - and beer - in your home

By - August 3, 2010 3 Pictures
Video games and beer – together at last! Actually, a visit to just about any college dorm or rec room will show you that video games and beer can regularly be found together, but now they’re available from the same machine. It’s called the Gamerator, and it combines a classic 80s-style video arcade machine with a mini fridge capable of holding a pony keg of beer and a five-pound aluminum CO2 tank. Bring on the blue ghosts! Read More
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Trackball Mouse Numeric Keypad Hub makes accountancy more fun

By - December 15, 2009 1 Picture
This USB-powered trackball mouse, numeric keypad USB hub will suit the professional accountant or the part-time number-cruncher, no matter how many hours they sit at a laptop or netbook computer sweating over their spreadsheets. Combining a trackball mouse, numeric keypad and twin USB port hub, this accessory consolidates three peripherals into one convenient device, freeing up more space in your bag for accountancy books and other top reads. Read More

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