Tokyo trial for two-wheeled Toyota

Toyota's two-wheeled personal mobility vehicle, the Winglet, is to be trialed on public sidewalks in the Tokyo Waterfront City district Japan's capital city. Unveiled in 2008, the Winglet is similar to the the Segway, albeit a little more streamlined, with users shifting their bodyweight to control it.Read More


Toyota extends all-electric range with new Prius Prime plug-in hybrid

Toyota might have been one of the first on the hybrid scene with the Prius in 1997, but recently its gasoline-electric powertrain has been looking decidedly old-hat compared to the new wave of plug-in hybrids that offer long-range full electric running. To bring its hybrid hero up to speed, Toyota has used the New York Auto Show to launch the second-generation plug-in Prius, called the Prime.Read More


Toyota finally heeds call for more power with updated 86

Toyota and Subaru won the hearts of many drivers with their pure-handling, well-priced BRZ and GT 86 coupes in 2012. But there's always been one thing holding Toyota's offering back from reasonably-priced perfection – a lack of power. The automaker has addressed this with a mild update to the formula which includes a small power and torque bump, along with some revisions to the car's styling.Read More


Toyota's guide collar for the blind and visually impaired

Autonomous vehicles promise to make it much easier for the blind and visually impaired to get around by car, but Toyota is looking to extend the advantages provided by the technology to when they get out of the car. The automaker is developing a wearable device that can take in the user's surroundings and relay information to them via audio and vibration cues.Read More

Automotive Review

Review: 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser lets you safari in comfort

The legendary Land Cruiser brings to mind visions of great adventures on the savannah, where lions roar in the evening and herds of water buffalo rumble by in the distance. The urbane looks of the 2016 Toyota Land Cruiser seem well and truly at odds with that image, yet underneath the rough-and-ready capability of the LC of old is still there. This Toyota can race the rhino with any of its forebears. It will just look classier doing it.Read More


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