Life+Gear Survival Utility Flashlight packs its own multitool

Flashlight multi-tools tend to be highly unintuitive designs with flip-out implements integrated awkwardly into the flashlight body or tiny flashlights bolted into multi-tool casings. The Life+Gear Survival Utility Flashlight (an SUF to store in your SUV?) docks a standalone multi-tool in its handle, so you get a full-sized flashlight and six-in-one folding tool to keep you prepared for all types of situations.
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VSSL Flask hides your favorite tipple inside a flashlight

The amount of kit needed to go camping in the great outdoors can soon add up. Which means multi-purpose products capable of catering to more than one need can be an absolute godsend. The VSSL Flask is one such item, combining a flashlight, compass and a flask for discreetly storing a beverage of your choice.Read More

Mpowerd launches inflatable solar lantern

New York City-based Mpowerd introduced the Luci solar-powered inflatable lantern earlier this month. The lantern folds like an accordion and shines with the force of 10 LED bulbs. Its integrated solar panels also means you should never have the hassle of switching out batteries. Read More


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