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Toray Industries

— Automotive

TEEWAVE results in technical partnership between Gordon Murray and Toray

By - January 26, 2012 52 Pictures
One of the highlights of the Tokyo Motor Show last month was the world debut of the TEEWAVE AR.1 Electric sports car. Commissioned by advanced materials manufacturer Toray and designed and built by Gordon Murray Design, my original story last October covered the design and Murray’s revolutionary iStream® manufacturing system, but at the Tokyo Motor Show I was able to see the AR.1 in fine detail (see in-depth (see extensive image library)). Yesterday Murray and Toray announced a technological partnership in the use of carbon fibre and other advanced materials in volume production, the development of structural thermoplastics and advanced crash structures. The two believe that in working together, they can deliver significant benefits in the areas of light-weighting, efficiency, cost, safety and sustainability. Read More
— Environment

Environmentally-friendly Large-Size Notebook PCs

By - January 22, 2005 2 Pictures
January 23, 2005 Fujitsu, Fujitsu Labs and Toray have announced the joint development of the world's first large-size notebook PC plastic housing made of plant-based plastic. The new environmentally-friendly plastic will be used in Fujitsu's 2005 model FMV-BIBLO NB80K notebook PC due for release in the second quarter, and will no doubt be on the shopping list of those wishing to reduce their environmental impact. Read More

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