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Tokyo Toy Show

— Robotics

Autobots, roll out: Self-transforming Transformer toy headed for mass production

By - June 20, 2013 3 Pictures
Remember that awesome transforming robot built by the one-man wonder Kenji Ishida? Well, apparently Takara Tomy took notice of it after videos of the robot went viral last year and is developing its own mass-market version under the official Transformers banner. They showed the automatically transforming toy alongside a robotic lion from its Zoids line, both controlled with an iPhone, at Tokyo Toy Show 2013. Read More
— Automotive

Toyota sports up its kids' car concept with the Camatte57 roadster

By - June 12, 2013 24 Pictures
Last year, one of the more interesting designs in a solid year of concept cars was a toy car from Toyota. The Camatte revealed at the 2012 International Tokyo Toy Show was a realistic children's car designed to stimulate the imagination, foster an early love for automobiles and encourage family time. For this year's show, Toyota has refreshed the concept with a sporty roadster. Read More

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