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Tokyo Flash

The pocket watch was the standard portable time-keeping option for around 400 hundreds before being replaced in the 20th century by the more convenient wrist-worn variety. So could the pocket watch return to its former glory? Way-out watchmaker Tokyoflash seems to think so, having combined the classic pocket watch with its futuristic Kisai Rogue unit to create the touchscreen-equipped Kisai Rogue Touch Pocket Watch. Read More
Tokyoflash Japan has unveiled yet another unusual watch - the Kisai Kaidoku. It was submitted to the Tokyoflash Design Studio Blog by 15-year old Tynan Mayhew from Canada and is the second fan-submitted watch design to makes it from concept to reality. Instead of the traditional numerical face and hands or digital readout, the LCD-based stainless steel wristwatch displays the time and date using flashing words. Read More
Tokyoflash, known for advanced (read "way-out") watch designs, recently asked its followers to submit and vote on new designs – and the first batch has gone into production. Read More
As crazy as most of Tokyo Flash's watches are, the company just might have set a new standard with the a new psychedelic design, appropriately dubbed the Kisai Wasted. With a hypnotic multi-colored array of LED lights on the face, this latest watch is sure to be a hit (no pun intended) with the stoner demographic. Read More
The folks over at Tokyo Flash are at it again with yet another crazy LED watch design that inspires both awe and confusion. This latest optical illusion watch design makes use of the famous (or infamous?) magic eye phenomenon to display the time. Of course to most onlookers the zig-zag pattern will make no sense, but if the owner can train himself to see the time displayed behind the pattern he will be sure to both astound and annoy friends and family. Read More
Hands-free calling using Bluetooth earpieces has become - shall we say - controversial over the years, as we've all seen that annoying guy at Starbucks trying to close the deal as he orders his cappuccino. But the latest receiver from Tokyo Flash, the Kisai Escape C, might just have enough features to offset the Bluetooth douche-factor. Read More
The PIMP watch is the latest in a long list of crazy accessories to come out of Japan. Unlike your standard time-piece the PIMP watch uses around seventy LED's to tell the time using three different colours. The LED's will light up once a minute to display the time, all that's involved is some simple calculations. However, the makers of the PIMP watch don't seem to be too concerned with practical uses. In an era where mobile phones and PDA's can easily be used as time pieces, the makers have focused upon design and aesthetics. Read More