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Go With the Flo concept design

"Men are never so serious, thoughtful, and intent, as when they are at stool." We wonder whether this quote from Gulliver's Travels influenced the thinking behind Go With the Flo - a self-sustaining toilet concept from students at ASU College of Design that calls on yoga principles in its quest to define the lavatory of the future.  Read More

The two sections of the 'Breezy Seat'

They say necessity is the mother of all invention - so we're going to steer clear of the Tennessee inventor of the Breezy Seat. It's a battery-powered, fan forced toilet seat that turns on when you sit on it, sucking smelly air out of the bowl and sending it through odor-absorbing filters and "nano-modules" before it escapes to stink up the rest of the house. Far more effective than air freshener sprays that merely paint over the turdy waft with a thin veneer of "mountain air," the Breezy Seat kills the odors right where they begin. And let's face it, in a modern world, you really shouldn't have to be holding your breath as you walk past the bathroom after your brother's been through.  Read More

The proposed 'space diaper'

While the thought of rocketing into space might make some people want to soil themselves, going to the toilet in zero gravity is a very real problem for space faring astronauts. Until now the solution has been to strap themselves onto a toilet that is similar to traditional western style but employs a vacuum cleaner-like machine to suck the wastes away – doesn’t sound too pleasant does it. Now it seems the Japanese are approaching the problem from a different tack with Pink Tentacle reporting that the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has teamed up with engineers from the private sector to develop a next-generation space toilet that is designed to be worn like a diaper.  Read More

It's busier up there than it looks. Concentration of orbital debris in low Earth orbit wit...

When we are born, we soil ourselves and other people clean it up for us. As we mature, we take responsibility for our own excrement. Strangely, as a society, we're not at all good at toilet training ourselves regarding the excrement produced by industry, transport or agriculture. Human beings capacity to eschew short term gain when faced with long term harm is notoriously woeful so it’s not surprising we've done exactly the same thing in space, leaving so much debris that it's now dangerous to be in the orbital band around earth due to the likelihood of being hit by junk traveling at 18,000 mph. The latest evidence: last week saw the first ever accidental collision between two intact spacecraft, a deactivated Russian satellite and an Iridium 33 satellite, which left a fresh cloud of debris 497 miles above the Earth.  Read More

The award winning and long overdue Intelli-Toilet

Archeological evidence suggests that flush toilets complete with wooden seats for that extra bit of comfort have been with us for almost five thousand years, so it's likely that domestic arguments over who left the seat up began sometime soon after. That's a long time to argue, but this age old question might soon become redundant if this self-closing toilet seat reaches the market. Designed by a group of students from the Skjern Technical College in Denmark, the Intelli-Toilet automatically shuts the seat after it's flushed without the need for any extra energy sources.  Read More

Wee Target toilet trainer

January 3, 2007 Desperate parents resort to any number of incentives to encourage their kid to “use the potty”- special underpants, reward charts and for parents of boys, even floating toys in the toilet bowl for target practice! Inventor Joanna Haymes, a mother of three boys, took the latter idea further and developed the “Wee Target”. Inspired by heat sensitive ink on a packet of batteries and driven to help her boys aim in the right direction, she designed a “target”- a black circle made of heat sensitive ink which is fixed temporarily inside the toilet bowl. When the target is hit by urine, the circle fades and a surprise picture appears.  Read More

No-touch toilet tissue dispenser

July 10, 2007 Public restrooms are not always the most alluring locations in which to deal with nature’s calling and in an effort to make them more hygienic we’ve seen the progressive introduction of touch-free hand-dryers, sinks and soap dispensers, but one key element has been overlooked – toilet tissue. Now Kimberly-Clark Professional has found a way complete the hygienic no-touch restroom with the release of the JRT Electronic Coreless bath tissue dispenser, a system that automatically dispenses a pre-defined amount of toilet paper when users place their hands under the unit.  Read More

The Kohler C3 Toilet Seat with remote control

June 27, 2007 Given that we’ve spent a lot of time recently convincing our readers to invest money in logical places where they spend a lot of time and can hence significantly enhance wellbeing (in bed) and productivity (their computer screen), at first glance we figured that justifying a high tech toilet seat was going to be tough. Applying our usual bang-per-buck rule though, the Kohler C3 Toilet Seat is a ripper – retrofitting onto almost any toilet, the heated seat has three temperature settings, bidet functionality, a warm-air fan for partial drying, a lighted bowl that eliminates the need to turn on a light at night, a deodorizer that minimizes unpleasant odors, a Quiet-Close cover that prevents slamming and a remote control. Just like the seating/driving/heating in a luxury auto, you can have “personal settings” adjustable by a remote control. If keeping up with the Jones is your game, this is a winner!  Read More

The Fish-N-Flush Toilet

August 29, 2006 The Fish ‘n Flush two-piece aquarium toilet tank was designed as a source of entertainment and conversation and from the moment it debuted earlier this year at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Chicago, it’s been getting serious main media attention. Firstly, let’s be clear that the fish in the aquarium are in no danger of being flushed. Fish-n-Flush is a two-piece aquarium toilet tank with an aquarium that wraps itself around a clear inner tank. The special tank within a tank retails for US$400, and comes with everything but water and fish. Manufacturer AquaOne worked with a marine biologist to develop the technology and produce a certified working aquarium.  Read More

New toilet cuts water consumption by 84 percent

August 16, 2006 Here’s a brilliant idea that we think needs recognition, particularly given that water restrictions are starting to become commonplace in western countries. The Propelair WC uses just 1.5 litres per flush compared with the 9 litres used by an average UK toilet– in one household alone, this can save 5 tonnes of water per month. The Propelair system looks like a conventional toilet and is used in the same way. It has a sealable lid that allows air to force waste and a small amount of water from the bowl, giving improved flushing and drainage performance. The system generates its own air, requires no ancillary equipment and connects to existing plumbing, but can also connect via flexible waste-pipes for awkward installations … and uses one sixth of the water used by a conventional toilet system. The inventors is seeking sanitary ware manufacturers and investors with a view to putting the Propelair system onto the market. It is also seeking a partner for a large-scale UK-based trial of Propelair in a commercial or public building.  Read More

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