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Mima's award-winning Kobi stroller converts to a carrycot in a flash

By - September 25, 2009 4 Pictures
If you're planning to have more than one child, it’s good to know that designers are producing baby equipment that can evolve with the needs of a growing family. Mima’s Kobi is a stroller that has been designed with the family in mind. Not only is it stunningly stylish, it has a patented 'carrycot inside' system - allowing easy conversion from seat to carrycot, and back again. Read More
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Become a human packhorse with the Yoke Shopper

By - September 24, 2009 4 Pictures
As a manly man who will eschew a shopping trolley in favor of carting a multitude of plastic shopping bags (on the rare occasion I forget my more environmentally friendly cloth bag, mind you) to the car - only to find I don’t have the third hand required to find my keys and open the boot - I would probably be the perfect candidate for the Yoke Shopper. This ingeniously simple device allows shoppers to lock together a number of plastic shopping bags and carry them on a shoulder. Read More
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Bloom’s Fresco Fiamma – Ferrari red, funky and fabulous

By - September 17, 2009 7 Pictures
The design team that brought us the Alma crib has taken their Fresco baby chair to the furniture equivalent of an auto-mechanic shop, lacquering it in new-car-quality high-gloss red and adding an extra design function. The limited edition Fresco Fiamma was rolled out by the four designer dads behind Bloom to celebrate the company’s third birthday. The global production has been limited to 1,100 units that come individually inscribed with a unique model number. Read More
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Nestt: a car seat designed for the 21st century

By - March 5, 2008 12 Pictures
March 6, 2008 Innovative industrial design company think/thing has designed a car seat which is not only functional but also ticks all the boxes in terms of beauty and design. The colorful egg-shaped Nestt is a safe and easy-to-use car seat for your baby or toddler. Made from a closed cell polymer material that's easy to clean, breathable and soft due to the incorporated air-pockets, the unique shock absorbent design provides side impact protection and features a cast-metal base which snaps into the car’s latch system and allows you to swivel the seat with one hand and rotate it towards the car door. If you’ve ever tried to put a squirming child into a car seat you will immediately see the benefits of being able to swivel them towards you to secure or release them. Read More
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Trunki: the ride-on, carry-on, kid’s suitcase

By - February 13, 2008 4 Pictures
February 14, 2008 The Trunki is a kid’s suitcase with a difference: it’s a seat, a ride-on toy, a carry-on container for in-flight toys and a tow-along bag. The Trunki has a capacity of 18 litres so there’s plenty of room to pack favorite toys and games, snacks and even some spare clothes and at just 1.7 kg (3.8 pounds) and 46 x 20 x 30.5 cm (18" x 7.9" x 12"), it’s easy to stow-away once on board. The integrated wheels and specially designed stabilizers help make a strong base for little ones and the extra wide wheel base allows for smooth cornering. The Trunki is made from strong but lightweight plastic material and kids will love the bright color combinations. The towing handle and shoulder strap allow parents to move quickly if need be and the extra-strong hooks mean they can tow several toddlers at once. Read More
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Paperpod’s cardboard play-house: recyclable and reusable

By - February 12, 2008 15 Pictures
February 13, 2008, According to the EPA, if consumers bought more recycled environmentally-friendly products, not only would they help to make the recycling process a success, they would also put pressure on manufacturers to produce high-quality recycled products. Toy manufacturers are often among the worst offenders when it comes to excess packaging and plastic toys but now a UK company has developed a range of children’s toys which are not only made of recycled material but are also themselves recyclable. Read More
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Lighten the load: Infant Cruizer travel system

By - January 6, 2008 5 Pictures
January 7, 2007 An invention that parents-on-the-go will love, Go-Go Babyz' unique Infant Cruizer travel system is designed to easily transport your baby without taking him or her out of the car seat. The Infant Cruizer simply attaches to a car seat and turns it into a wheeled pull-cart, reducing the need for a stroller on both short and long-distance trips. Read More
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Robotics toys get very intelligent.

By - July 25, 2005 14 Pictures
July 26, 2005 As computer chips get more powerful and cheaper at an exponential rate, we’re going to see toys, cars, shoes, hats and even door knobs becoming surprisingly intelligent. How intelligent? Meet Amazing Amanda. Amanda is a 21” interactive doll that utilises voice recognition, sensory technology and articulated animatronics, so she can play the role of a baby girl more authentically than you’d have thought possible. Like a real toddler, Amanda can show the whole gamut of human emotions including laughing and crying and after an initial five minute bonding session (AKA voice recognition induction session) she even recognises her own ‘mother’s’ voice and responds differently to mum compared with strangers! Amanda can talk, respond to questions and loves to play games and sing songs! She interacts with her food, potty and hair accessories, knows when she is being fed, having her hair brushed and can be programmed to wake at the same time every morning to act as a pseudo alarm clock. She remembers mothers day, birthdays and through realistic animatronics, shows her feelings in her facial movements and voice responses. Does this sound like science fiction? Amazing Amanda hits the shelves in the US, UK and Australia next month with a retail price in the vicinity of US$100. Read More
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Boardbug baby and child monitor for peace of mind

By - January 20, 2004 1 Picture
There are few moments in one's life which compare for sheer panic to that moment when you realise that your child is lost in a dangerous environment. A new combined baby and child monitor has been introduced in the UK that should significantly aid in reducing that terror. Using a wireless Radio Frequency transceiver system, the Boardbug Baby and Child Monitor is designed to help parents keep tabs on their babies and children. The Boardbug is small, has a range of up to 150 metres and a range of compelling functionality. As well as being a fully functional digital watch, the Boardbug operates in two modes - baby and child - and offers eight key functions. Read More

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