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The utterly desirable Budnitz Titanium bikes

By - August 24, 2011 13 Pictures
If you're looking to invest in a high-end, all-purpose bicycle that will last a lifetime, then feast your eyes on the beautiful lines of the No1 and No2 luxury bikes built by Paul Budnitz. Each of the two models currently available is based around a lightweight but strong Titanium frame, from which flows a veritable cyclist's wish list of components ... but yes, they don't come cheap. Read More
— Mobile Technology

Aerowatch: Horological Machine No. 4 Thunderbolt

By - December 20, 2010 7 Pictures
If you enjoy building model airplanes as a boy, and become a designer of high-end watches as an adult, what do you end up doing? If you're Maximilian Büsser, you create a watch that resembles an airplane – and that costs as much as one, too. That’s the story behind the new watch from Switzerland’s MB&F (Maximilian Büsser & Friends), the Horological Machine No. 4 Thunderbolt. The 50-jewel titanium and sapphire timepiece looks like it might wrench itself free of your wrist and start performing inside loops in the sky ... given that it sells for a mind-blowing 150,000 euro (US$196,812), however, you’d probably want to keep it close at hand. Read More
— Science

Titanium foam bone replacements on the way

By - September 23, 2010 1 Picture
Back in June, those brainy folks over at Germany’s Fraunhofer research group announced the development of Resobone, a material designed to replace the titanium plates used to patch holes in peoples’ skulls. Now, perhaps a little ironically, they’ve announced the creation of TiFoam – a titanium foam to be used for replacing injured bone. Unlike Resobone, TiFoam is intended for load-bearing areas, where a balance of strength and flexibility are essential. Like Resobone, however, it’s designed to encourage surrounding bone to grow into the implant. Read More
— Medical

'Flower Bouquet' nanoclusters strengthen titanium implant attachments

By - August 19, 2010 3 Pictures
More than 1,000 tons (2.2 million pounds) of titanium devices are implanted in patients worldwide every year with joint replacements one of the more common procedures. Light, strong and totally biocompatible, titanium is one of the few materials that naturally match the requirements for implantation in the human body. Researchers have now developed an improved coating technique that could strengthen the connection between titanium joint-replacement implants with a patient’s own bone. The stronger connection – created by manipulating signals the body’s own cells use to encourage growth – could allow the implants to last longer. Read More
— Computers

ID titanium laser mouse - stunning design and a price to match

By - October 30, 2009 5 Pictures
With Apple’s new wireless Magic Mouse grabbing headlines this month, and innovations such as the multi-functional GlideTV navigator and Nortek Duplus mini wireless mouse being rolled-out almost weekly, it seems the days of the humble mouse are long gone. Enter Intelligent Design’s titanium laser mouse - a hand-crafted device that is anything but humble (or cheap) and while it doesn't have the smarts of Apple's new offering, its certainly lays down a challenge on the design front. Read More
— Outdoors

The Titanium and Carbon Fibre Gatling Pocket Flashlight

By - March 6, 2007 5 Pictures
March 7, 2007 Named after that famous weapon of war, the Gatling Gun, the GatLight is part objet d’art, part tactile companion and almost coincidentally is one of the most powerful, compact and functional flashlights available. Lumencraft specialises in designing and manufacturing high end pocket flashlights and their latest evolution of their flagship product, the GatLight V3, made of aerospace grade titanium and carbon fibre composites is just a joy to look at. Since every GatLight is custom made to order, the Gatlight V3 has an estimated delivery time of 3 months with pricing between US$295 and US$370 for the all-titanium version. Read More
— Motorcycles

Limited Edition Titanium Fireblade

By - July 3, 2005 7 Pictures
July 4, 2005 Honda is releasing a limited edition Titanium version of the CBR1000RR – while it comes with all the breathtaking performance of the MotoGP RC211V-derived 2005 Fireblade, the only difference to the standard machine is the Titanium paint job gracing the latest Fireblade’s bodywork which is quite distinctive in 2005 with a sharper and more aggressively angled nose with a lower windscreen. The new Titanium model will be available from July in extremely limited quantities. Read More
— Children

PING Moxie Junior Set Features Titanium Driver

By - February 19, 2005 5 Pictures
February 20, 2005 It wasn't that long ago that golf clubs were made from hickory and a 250 metre drive was considered "outta sight." When we heard about the new Moxie junior set being announced this week, complete with a Titanium driver, we couldn't help but reflect how far this game has come in a few short decades. The new Moxie Junior set offers young golfers the benefits of proven technology in a package engineered to match their size, strength and ability. Read More

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