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Lenovo ThinkPad gets anti-theft Remote Disable feature

Lenovo is introducing a new security feature for ThinkPad notebooks which allows users to remotely disable their PC via SMS. Developed in conjunction with Phoenix Technologies, the Constant Secure Remote Disable feature is effectively a kill switch that works by creating a mobile phone text command such as “lockdown now PC” or “PC shut off” and sending it to the computer's onboard broadband service. If the PC is turned off when the command is sent, it's automatically disabled the next time it registers on the network.  Read More

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Instructables is a website dedicated to supplying information from members on how to complete a vast array of DIY projects. One of the more unusual, but potentially useful, ideas is to hide your fancy new car stereo with a crappier one in order to ward off would-be thieves.  Read More

Targus Cable Lock

August 8, 2007 The loss of a keyboard, mouse or any other cable-attached PC device due to theft could be a considerable inconvenience. Not only is there the cost of replacing the item, but when on the road they may not always be easy to replace. That’s where the Targus Cable Lock keyboard and mouse attachment comes in – the small (9 x 4.5 x 3cm) unobtrusive security device is designed to protect cable-attached items and ensure that your PC is stays fully functional.  Read More

Microscopic DataDotDNA dots like this will be sprayed all over every new Australian Yamaha...

July 31, 2007 Motorcycles offer a boundless sense of freedom to their owners – and they’re also seen as boundlessly free by bike thieves who know it only takes two men to lift a parked bike into a van and nick-off with it. But a bike that can always be traced back to its original owner is difficult for thieves to make a dollar from and Yamaha is taking advantage of this fact on behalf of its customers. Since February this year, every new Yamaha motorcycle, scooter and ATV sold in Australia has been sprayed with DataDotDNA theft protection – microscopic dots that carry identifying information linking every part on the bike back to its original frame number and making stolen bikes extremely difficult to on-sell or part out. DataDotDNA are doing these sorts of deals across the world with a number of different manufacturers now, and becoming a worldwide standard in vehicle identification.  Read More

PacSafe's DaySafe 100

June 2, 2007 The petty criminal's work is based on minimal risk for maximal reward - snatching an unwatched handbag, slashing a backpack and collecting the spoils as they fall, sizing up which tourist is carrying a laptop or camera they can easily make off with. Simple measures to make life more difficult for thieves can act as an excellent deterrent, and this is where PacSafe has carved its market niche. Starting out with a slashproof metal net to protect backpackers' gear on the road, PacSafe has extended its line to include quick and practical secure carrybags for a range of urban and travel situations. With the latest anti-theft laptop backpack in tow, Gizmag's Loz Blain reports.  Read More

New SecurePack computer backpack with anti-theft features

August 9, 2006 Now here’s a good idea for people who use backpacks and travel on public transport where exposed zippers and pockets pushed in the faces of potential thieves could result in the loss of valuable electronic gear or potentially even more valuable data. The SecurePack has no exposed zippers or exterior pockets which prevents access to the interior of the pack while it is being worn. This unique design ensures that would-be thieves cannot steal anything from the pack, even when maneuvering through crowded streets, subways, airports, or other vulnerable situations.  Read More

Commercially branding laptop computers; marketing tool and anti-theft deterrent

September 13, 2005 If you've never thought of your laptop computer as a way to distinguish yourself, your company or organization from another, this article might help. Laptop Design USA has been launched to commercially brand laptops with companies and organizations' colors, logos and trademarks. More than 15 million laptops were sold in the U.S. each year, with laptop theft running at half a million units. Most countries mirror high laptop sales and extraordinary theft rates – by turning your computer into an ambassador for your company, you also create a significant theft deterrent.  Read More

US$200 Data Destroyer Device Stops Information Theft on Discarded Discs

UPDATED June 1, 2005 The potential for the theft of data or sensitive business information via CD-ROMs being thrown in the trash is very realistic - garbage screening is a rudimentary and commonly-used industrial espionage technique. And despite their seeming vulnerability, you'd be surprised what you can get off a CD-ROM using data recovery techniques. So what to do? Buy a Data Destroyer Office PRO - the automated desktop device can destroy the information on up to 50 CDs and/or DVDs by pressing a single button.  Read More

The growing threat of identity theft

The statistics are scary: there are 81,000 known computer viruses and 500 new viruses detected each month. Two billion spam email messages are sent each day and 27% have a hidden Customer ID to determine if they have been opened (and by whom). Last year the cost to business of spam more than doubled to US$20 billion in the United States alone. Identity theft occurrences grew 79% last year and the cost of identity theft to US corporations over the last five years has been estimated by the US Federal Trade Commission at US$60 billion. Now a survey has found that 28% of adults cannot accurately identify Phishing Email Scams, the most likely way identity can be stolen.  Read More

Subaru Australia has announced that every new vehicle will carry DataDots - a microscopic laser-etched Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) that can easily be identified by Police, insurers, registration authorities and authorised dealerships.  Read More

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