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The ButterFly2 MP3 Player - integrated MP3 player and headphones

February 18, 2005 We really like this idea. Japanese company Thanko has integrated the MP3 player with a set of lightweight headphones to produce the ButterFly2 MP3 player. Ideal for gym, rowing, cycling and other activities where you just don't want wires getting in the way or the fear that your expensive Bluetooth headset might get smashed, damaged, lost of go for an inadvertent swim.  Read More

USB noise-cancelling headphones from Thanko

November 15, 2004 New USB noise-cancelling headphones from Thanko have gone on the market in Japan, offering the ability to filter external noise as well as distortion from your PC to improve listening quality. The Rare Mono Shop in Japan is selling the innovative noise-cancelling headphones for US$45. They measure 30mm in diameter, weigh 180g (excluding battery) and use a NDFeB magnet for the driver. They run on two AA batteries with a continuous use battery life of around 80 hours.  Read More

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