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Odiogo turns a blog/RSS feed into an MP3

By - October 22, 2006 1 Picture
October 23, 2006 Text-to-speech converters suck, or at least they used to suck – these days the latest converters such as the US$30 Odiogo are remarkably good at giving the written word a coherent news reader voice. Odiogo downloads your favorite RSS news and blog feeds and converts the text into spoken word so it becomes available via an MP3 player, when you want. Odiogo converts any RSS news and blog feed into a Podcast! As seen in the pages of the Red Ferret Journal. Read More
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The Talking Camera - new handheld electronic reader will change the lives of millions

By - June 26, 2006 5 Pictures
June 27, 2006 There are 174 million visually impaired people in the world, and we can hardly imagine how overjoyed these people will be to hear of a groundbreaking new device that has been announced by the United States National Federation of the Blind (NFB) - the Kurzweil-NFB Reader. The handheld machine was developed by NFB and renowned inventor Ray Kurzweil, and enables users to take pictures of and read most printed materials. Users hold the device over any print document (such as a letter, bill, restaurant menu, airline ticket, business card, or office memo) and in seconds they hear the contents of the printed document read to them in a clear synthetic voice. Readers go on sale July 1 for US$3,495. Download a brochure here. The invention will once again focus public attention on the inventive mind of Ray Kurzweil which has made significant contributions to human knowledge in the areas of optical character recognition, music synthesis, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence – read about his remarkable career inside. Read More
— Mobile Technology

The Garmin nuvi is your handheld travelling companion

By - September 12, 2005 10 Pictures
September 13, 2005 The Garmin nuvi is a Personal Digital Travel Assistant that combines a GPS navigator, language translator and travel guide capability, an MP3 player, an audio book player, a currency and measurement converter, a world clock, and a digital photo organizer -- all in one device the size of a pack of cards . One day, no doubt all the functionality we could ever wish for will be available in one device, but until then, companies such as Garmin will continue to recognise market opportunities for suites of functionality that are very compelling to a thin, vertical market – in this case travellers. Read More
— Mobile Technology

IRiver Dicple offers voice recognition, translation and text-to-speech between English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean

By - January 23, 2005 5 Pictures
January 24, 2005 Korean personal electronics manufacturer iRiver has released yet another convergent device onto its domestic market. The oddly-named pocket-sized Dicple is designed for travellers with voice recognition in four languages, language translation, text-to-speech, voice recording, MP3 player and FM radio. The combination of capabilities seems ideally suited to travellers, given that it appears capable of enabling communication between someone who speaks only one language and someone who speaks only another language in any mixture of English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. The dictionary has a total 2.9 million word vocabulary covering the four languages, which should be enough to cover most conversations. Read More
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SAMSUNG introduces a 5-megapixel camera phone!

By - October 23, 2004 1 Picture
October 24, 2004 The convergence of digital cameras with mobile phones continues apace with Samsung unveiling the SCH-S250 model mobile, equipped with an intense 5-megapixel camera, a "true colour" LCD with 16 million colours and a text-to-speech conversion function all in the one handset. The CCD (charge-coupled device) camera and high-sensitivity flash allow the user to take the same quality pictures as a mdeium-quality digital camera. Like Samsung's premium grade camera phones, the S250 can also function as a camcorder. Read More
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Feeling lonesome? Get a yourself a Virtual Girlfriend!

By - October 4, 2004 4 Pictures
October 5, 2004 Girls not knocking down your door to go out with you? Tired of dealing with those complex issues such as feelings? How about getting a "virtual girlfriend" instead? Hong Kong based company Artificial Life have developed an interactive virtual girlfriend that appears as an animated girl for new mobile phones with video capability. According to a company spokesperson, users of the latest 3-G mobile phones who subscribe to the service will be able to send messages to the virtual girlfriend, who will respond by voice. Each girlfriend will follow an evolving daily and weekly schedule which includes visiting her virtual home, work or bar, and shopping with her virtual girlfriends. Read More
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Stephen Hawking chooses a new voice

By - June 4, 2004 2 Pictures
Celebrated Astrophysicist Stephen Hawking has selected and is using NeoSpeech's Text-to-Speech engine, VoiceText, as his new voice. VoiceText is integrated into Dr. Hawking's communicator, E Z Keys, enabling him to clearly communicate with the outside world. Dr. Hawking has a computer screen mounted on the arm of his wheel chair, which runs communicator software. The software enables him to press a switch in his hand to create words and sentences easily and intuitively. Once he has built up a sentence, he sends it to NeoSpeech's VoiceText speech synthesizer, which turns it into speech. The technology enables Dr. Hawking to communicate, including writing scientific books and papers, and giving lectures. Read More

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