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Parrot's MINIKIT Slim hands-free speakerphone

By - December 18, 2008 6 Pictures
With the help of NXT flat-panel speaker technology, Parrot has managed to cram some useful functionality into its new slimline, three ounce, hands-free speakerphone - the MINIKIT Slim. The clip-on Bluetooth car kit synchronizes automatically with up to five mobile phones and uses Parrot's latest voice recognition and DSP technology with user-independent voice recognition and text-to-speech capability. Read More
— Mobile Technology

Nextar adds to SNAP GPS line

By - October 30, 2008 4 Pictures
Nextar has added two new models to its SNAP line of GPS systems. Joining the 3.5" SNAP3, the 5” SNAP5 and 7” SNAP7 both feature touch-screen displays, built-in stereo speakers, Nextar’s magnetic docking station, text-to-speech (English) technology and both are only 0.7” thick. All models come with a 2GB SD card offering maps of the entire US and all of Canada. Read More
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BlueAnt releases portable Text-to-Speech speakerphone

By - June 18, 2008 2 Pictures
Anticipating the changing of handsfree driving laws in the US, BlueAnt Wireless’ has released a new portable speakerphone device called the Supertooth 3 Bluetooth Handsfree, which incorporates advanced ‘Text-to-Speech’ technology with voice prompts providing guidance to help users pair the device and upload their mobile phone’s address book. The unit supports a selection of six different languages including American English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and British English, so that when a call is received, the Supertooth 3 announces the incoming caller’s name or Caller ID and the user can then verbally accept or reject the call. Read More
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TRAX Series portable car navigation systems offer 360 degree, 3D view

By - May 26, 2008 3 Pictures
May 27, 2008 Uniden's new TRAX Series GPS units feature 360 Degree 3D "Landmark Technology" which shows key landmarks in 3D from any angle including a ‘fly around’ 360 degree mode. In major metropolitan areas elevated city maps, contours and rises on the road are also represented in 3D from any angle. The TRAX Series also include Text to Speech with Spoken Street Names and, as with Uniden’s previous releases, some models also include integrated Bluetooth capabilities to deliver hands-free mobile phone communication via the unit. The high definition, LCD touch screens are non-reflective for easier viewing and there is also an automatic day/night mode. Read More
— Mobile Technology

TomTom unveils new car navigation products

By - May 5, 2008 3 Pictures
May 5, 2008 Portable navigation solutions provider TomTom has announced their latest car navigation products – the TomTom ONE and TomTom XL which supersede the current TomTom ONE 3RD EDITION and TomTom ONE XL ranges. The new TomTom ONE comes with a 3.5 inch touch screen LCD, while the TomTom XL boasts a 4.3 inch widescreen LCD, for those who prefer a larger display. The new devices also come with a revised audio system and a completely redesigned body, including a folding mount. This new windshield mount, known as the EasyPort mount, can be left on the device and folded flat after use. The complete unit, including the mount, is then small enough to fit into a shirt pocket, bag or pocket when the driver leaves the vehicle. Read More
— Mobile Technology

K-NFB Reading Technology offers cell phone solution for the blind

By - January 28, 2008 1 Picture
January 29, 2008 Access to cell-phones in today’s increasingly technological world is important for all people, not just those with 20/20 vision. The latest news in this sector comes from Kurzweil Technologies, which in a joint venture with the National Federation of the Blind in the US, has announced the pairing of its K-NFB Reading Technology software with the Nokia N82 mobile phone. Read More
— Mobile Technology

World’s first fingerprint protected personal navigation device

By - December 3, 2007 1 Picture
December 4, 2007 Theft of personal navigation devices (PNDs) is on the rise with several European and US cities reporting that GPS devices are the most commonly stolen items in cars today. To combat this, MEDION AG and AuthenTec have announced the launch of the world’s first personal navigation device to use a fingerprint sensor to enhance user security and deter device theft. Read More
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TomTom’s new flagship navigation device - the GO 920 T

By - August 30, 2007 7 Pictures
August 30, 2007 TomTom unveiled a new flagship model, the TomTom GO 920 T at IFA in Berlin today. The highlights of the new GO 920 T include 4 GB of internal memory, enabling complete maps of 41 European countries plus USA and Canada to come pr-installed, new Enhanced Positioning Technology which results in a more continuous navigation experience and an RDS-TMC Traffic Receiver to receive up-to-date traffic information is included in the box. The new GO 920 T will be available in the last quarter of 2007 at a price of EUR550. Read More

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