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You're relaxing after a hard day at work, or just getting ready to cut into a juicy steak at dinner. All seems right with the world, just for a moment. Then the phone rings, disturbing your bliss with yet another recorded spiel for some shady deal. You slam the phone off, and return to your life while muttering vague obscenities. Nomorobo now offers a transparent system for reliably blocking such robocalls, that is far more effective than Do-Not-Call lists. Best of all, the service is free. Read More
Researchers from Nagoya University and Fujitsu have spent the last few years developing an automated detection system that alerts the recipient to possible phone phishing scams. After successful simulation testing, the team has now announced plans for household field trials. Read More
Telekom Austria has announced the launch of its first prototype electric vehicle charging station which finds a new use for some familiar, but fading, technology. In what is hoped will be a trend-setting initiative, telephone booths operated by the company will be modified to include multiple charge points and the first phase of the rollout will see 30 being installed by the end of 2010. What's more, during the testing period users will be able to charge up for free. Read More
July 28, 2008 IOCELL's Contents Phone includes a built-in hard drive that enables the hassle-free recording of POTS telephone conversations. Read More
Clarity, a division of Plantronics, has developed the C420 amplified telephone to help those who suffer from hearing loss to improve the quality of their conversations. The cordless phone is equipped with Clarity Power, designed to make phone conversations clearer and easier to understand for people with a mild to moderate hearing loss. Read More
March 12, 2008 Nowadays many people use their mobile phone number as their primary contact number, which makes sense with most people carrying their mobile phones with them wherever they go. Once back at the home though, a lot of people prefer to use a regular telephone. The Xlink Bluetooth Gateway from Intellitouch is a phone convergence solution that by lets users combine their landline service and SOHO telephone system with up to three Bluetooth mobile phones and receive or make calls to and from their mobile phone using a standard home/office telephone. Read More
February 29, 2008 The award winning Green Cell battery design concept is a universal format cell phone battery that's safe, environmentally friendly and can be recharged or replaced at a local vending machine. Read More
A decline in her mother’s eyesight was the catalyst for Catherine Crichton to turn her hand to inventing and as result, the TeleMax® III was born - a universal TV remote control and hands free phone for people with vision impairment or disabilities. Read More
July 9, 2007 Linksys has stepped into the market with an iPhone of its own - it's nothing to do with Apple's hysterically successful new mobile unit though. The Linksys iPhone is a dual-mode telephone that can operate like a normal landline or hook up to your computer to make or receive peer-to-peer internet voice calls using a Skype client that's loaded directly into the handset. While the quality of Skype connections can range from crystal-clear to highly dodgy, the prices (free worldwide Skype-to-Skype and very cheap international/long distance calls) have made it an extremely popular way to stay in touch; many look upon Skype as the landline version 2.0. The no-frills Linksys iPhone lets you make and answer calls from the landline and Skype in one integrated unit. It looks to be a fantastic tool for heavy Skype users, and will no doubt encourage others to make the switch to internet telephony. Read More
April 30, 2006 A decade has passed since the launch of the DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications) standard, introducing a new freedom of movement during landline telephone conversations. There are currently over 220 million of DECT telephones in use, with another 40 million to be sold this year. Now chip manufacturer Infineon has announced details of its eighth generation of DECT phone chips, featuring new functions such as polyphonic ring tones, colour displays, exchanging of text messages (SMS), alphanumeric access to data bases and the integration of Internet services such as the transmission of news and music programs. Infineon also announced that it will release a single chip later this year that will contain all the DECT-relevant functions currently spread over three special chips. For the first time, voice processing, wireless transmission, and signal amplification will be accomplished using one piece of silicon, enabling telephone manufacturers to reduce the production costs for a DECT telephone by approximately 40 percent. Read More