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Portable, secure 3G/4G router runs 8 hours on batteries

By - August 12, 2009 1 Picture
The ability to be not just unwired, but entirely off the grid is getting far more manageable for the road warrior. Cradlepoint manufactures a range of portable 3G and 4G routers ideal for the mobile workforce, so that within minutes you can set up a secure WiFi network and share access from one cellular data modem with an entire team. Now Tekkeon has released a new compact battery that provides six to eight hours of runtime for CradlePoint portable 3G and 4G mobile broadband routers when no power outlet is available. By combining Tekkeon’s new USD$100 rechargeable lithium polymer MP2250 battery with any of several 3G/4G routers manufactured by CradlePoint, users can power a secure WiFi hotspot for hours – anywhere there’s cellular access. Read More
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myCharger USB power adapter for multiple devices

By - July 3, 2007 6 Pictures
July 4, 2007 Mobile phones and MP3 players are incredibly useful travelling companions but inevitably you end up with an array of different charging set-ups cluttering the console of your car or getting tangled in your luggage. myCharger solves this by offering a USB power adapter and a range of different tips that enable multiple devices to be powered-up via a single charging unit. As well as being suitable for use with iPod and most flavors of mobile phone, add-on adapters are available for other 5V devices including Bluetooth headsets, digital cameras, PDAs and portable media players. Read More
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Universal Rechargeable Battery/Charger Powers and Charges Multiple Personal Electronic Devices

By - June 2, 2005 2 Pictures
June 3, 2005 One of the biggest tragedies of daily life is running out of a ready supply of electrons - being connected requires electricity and without it, well, it's instant Stone Age, isn't it! Accordingly, a rechargeable battery that powers and charges all of your mobile devices is a good idea. Created by Tekkeon, a company that specialises in innovative products designed to simplify everyday life, myPower ALL powers and/or charges portable DVD players, digital cameras and camcorders, portable media centers, portable MP3 and CD players, PDAs, and mobile phones, and many notebook computers - virtually any portable device. Read More

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