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Toyota i-Road EVs trialled for last-mile car-sharing

By - March 6, 2014 41 Pictures
Toyota’s electric i-Road three wheeler is shaping up as the ideal combination of the best attributes of a motorcycle (maneuverability, lightweight, narrow track, small footprint, low energy consumption, fun) and a car (weather-proof, safe, stable, easy to use) and trials have now begun in Japan using the i-Road in Toyota’s Ha:mo (Harmonious Mobility) vehicle-sharing project. The i-Road trials will be extended to France later this year when Toyota participates in a vehicle-sharing trial in Grenoble. Read More

Hugbike lets parents squeeze while they steer

On a traditional tandem bike, the person in front steers and watches the road, while the rear rider concentrates on supplying pedaling power. That's fine if they're both adults, but what if the riders are a parent and their young child? That's where the Hugbike comes in. It lets the parent sit in the back, while reaching forward around their little 'un to steer. Read More
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Pino Porter cargo-bike carries up to 176 pounds

By - August 30, 2013 15 Pictures
Germany’s Hase Bikes has already seen a fair bit of success with its Pino tandem bicycle, in which the front rider is recumbent while the rear rider sits upright – this arrangement allows both riders to have an unobstructed view of their surroundings. This week, however, a new version of the Pino was awarded the Eurobike 2013 Award for Special Purpose Bike. The new bike is known as the Pino Porter, and it can be configured for a variety of cargo-hauling options. Read More
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Bicycle built for two is the length of a bicycle built for one

By - July 17, 2012 3 Pictures
Probably just about all of us “doubled” a passenger on our bike when we were kids, by having them sit in front of us on our handlebars. Of course, now that we’re older and wiser, we know how dangerous that was – not to mention illegal. Given that the kids of today are still open to taking passengers on their neighborhood cycling trips, however, California-based inventor Shawn Raymond has created a better way for them to do so. It’s called the Unatandem, and it’s a remarkably short tandem bicycle that is said to handle like a regular cruiser bike. Read More
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Dad's home-built trike helps son recover from brain injury

By - June 1, 2011 5 Pictures
In June of 2008, San Jose, California’s Rob Thompson was in a car accident that left him with a traumatic brain injury. Now 22, he still uses a wheelchair, as he is unable to fully control his left arm and leg. He also has difficulties with short term memory and speech. He goes for physical therapy twice a day, and is slowly recovering. Fortunately for Rob, however, his father Dave decided to speed his recovery by creating a therapeutic device that looks like a ton of fun to use – a tandem recumbent/upright tricycle. Read More
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VW shows 170 mpg tandem diesel hybrid two-seater

By - September 15, 2009 41 Pictures
Volkswagen rocked the automotive world at a lunchtime press conference on the first day of the Frankfurt Motor Show with a carbon fiber, half width, 1-liter hybrid electric diesel tandem two-seater car named the L1. When the car makes production in 2013, four years from now, it will almost certainly be the most fuel efficient car available with a combined diesel fuel consumption figure of 1.38 l/100km (170 U.S. mpg), thanks to its frugal motor combo, feather-like weight – 380 kg in total - and an aerodynamic drag co-efficient of just 0.195! Read More

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