2014 Paris Motor Show highlights


LG has unveiled its new 5-inch Optimus Vu smartphone/tablet ahead of Mobile World Congress...

LG has revealed what is claimed to be the thinnest LTE smartphone available on the market. The Optimus Vu sits somewhere between a small tablet (Thrive/Agora/Arnova) and a modern smartphone (Spectrum/Xperia ion), features a 4:3 ratio IPS display, is powered by a Dual-Core processor, and has 32GB of onboard storage.  Read More

If the rumors prove true, an LTE, quad-core, Retina display iPad 3 will be announced on Ma...

It's been a busy week on the iPad 3 rumor mill, and things have progressed considerably since our last iPad 3 update with the iMore blog citing "reliable sources" who suggest an official iPad 3 announcement is likely on March 7. Further, the same sources indicate that the next iteration of Apple's tablet could be powered by a quad-core processor and include - as we already suspected - a Retina display. There's some suggestion that the device could feature LTE connectivity - though this latter point seems shrouded in uncertainty. Time to take the cautious stick to the iPad 3 rumor cauldron ...  Read More

The GoPad turns your iPad or other tablet into a wearable accessory (Photo: GoPad.ca)

For those of you so in love with your iPad that you've often fantasized about a way to have your slate permanently attached to your person, a simple accessory called the GoPad isn't far off. Once attached to your tablet, it allows the iPad to be worn by creating a make-shift platform resting against your chest.  Read More

The rumor-mill suggests the iPad 3 will has space for a larger battery, and a slightly dif...

A report from RepairLabs based on what are said to be leaked iPad 3 casings suggest that the next iteration of Apple's tablet will have a larger battery, an updated camera and a Retina display, all in the same form-factor as the iPad 2.  Read More

OnLive's app allows their on-demand video game service to function through any Android dev...

A while back, OnLive released an app that allows its on-demand video game service to function through any Android device. While the service has been around awhile for use with computers and TVs, what makes the app unique is its ability to deliver games usually reserved for consoles and gaming PCs to many tablets and smartphones. The app could effectively turn any smart device into a portable game console that streams games like Netflix streams movies. That's all great as a concept, but the big question is how well it actually works. After spending some time with OnLive's app, it's clear that it isn't going to replace your console or gaming PC anytime soon, but it does offer a glimpse at the possible future of video games.  Read More

ViewRanger puts the functions of an advanced outdoor GPS into an inexpensive Apple/Android...

Imagine the power of a US$500 outdoor GPS built into a $5 app available on iOS and Android devices. In a nutshell, that's ViewRanger. The advanced mapping GPS app has been around for years in Europe and just launched in the United States.  Read More

A designer's concept Fujitsu Lifebook would come with slots to insert a smartphone, tablet...

These days, your average tech enthusiast typically has at their disposal a smartphone, a laptop, a tablet, and a digital camera; and that's listing the bare minimum. That's quite a bit of processing power and storage space spread out among different gadgets. What if it were possible to link all those devices together into one convenient package that uses all that computing power at once? That's the idea behind one designer's concept for a Fujitsu Lifebook, which would come with slots for a smartphone, digital camera, and tablet, for them all to all work together as one super device.  Read More

The Optimus Pad LTE is LG's first LTE-capable tablet

Since the release of the G-Slate and Optimus Pad last year, tablet offerings from LG have been pretty thin on the ground. Now the company has announced it will be releasing its first LTE-capable tablet in its homeland next week. The Optimus Pad LTE is powered by a Qualcomm 1.5 GHz dual-core processor and comes running Android 3.2 (Honeycomb). It also features the same True HD IPS technology that debuted on LG's Optimus LTE smartphone but with the 1280 x 720 pixel resolution now spread over 8.9-inches worth of display.  Read More

SteelSeries' Ion Controller is almost as compact as a typical smartphone

Every CES puts the most prominent tech trends on show, and this year was no exception, though some were a bit more visible than others. After the unveiling of arcade-style attachments for smartphones and tablets, a no-glasses 3D tablet with an attachable controller, and a tablet aimed at the hardcore gaming crowd, it became pretty clear that one of these trends is to bridge the gap between high-quality console games and smart devices. However, none of these new devices have appeared quite as portable as the Ion Controller from SteelSeries, which connects through Bluetooth and is about the size of a deck of cards.  Read More

The jaja is a computer stylus that transmits user pressure using high-frequency sound

Drawing styluses are, for the most part, simply glorified sticks. They do what your finger would do, but have a finer point. The new jaja stylus developed by Australia’s Jon Atherton, however, has a few tricks up its sleeve – the big one is, it is capable of registering 1,024 levels of user-applied pressure, which it transmits to the tablet or smartphone’s microphone using sound. The resulting lines drawn on the screen will be of varying thicknesses, depending on the amount of pressure applied.  Read More

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