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Ford vehicle dynamics manager Norbert Kessing led development of new Mondeo's active suspe...

August 29, 2007 Ford is set to make a major production milestone with the launch of an active suspension system on the new Ford Mondeo. Available as a UKP650 option in the UK, that not only provides a comfortable ride but combines this with sportiness and safety. Ironically, sound pioneer Amar Bose was the first to devise a suspension system designed to do exactly what it should do rather than approximating it with springs and dampers, but Ford looks set to be the first to offer it on a regular production car. Called Interactive Vehicle Dynamic Control (IVDC), the system offers near constant suspension adjustment to match desired ride with road conditions and driving style  Read More

Audi's new magnetic semi-active suspension system

June 18, 2006 The Audi TT is a cult car, an icon –from the day it made its debut, in autumn 1998, it took the sports coupe segment by storm, sharpening the brand's profile in the process. We reported on the coming of the second generation of this successful model in April but overlooked one of the most interesting facets of the new machine which uses a completely new form of damping technology developed in conjunction with Delphi that resolves the age-old conflict between comfort and driving dynamics without countenancing any of the otherwise unavoidable compromises. As a continuously adaptive system, it adapts the damping characteristic to the profile of the road and the driver's gear-shifting habits within just a few milliseconds. The shock absorber pistons on the TT do not contain conventional oil, but a magneto-rheological fluid – a synthetic hydrocarbon oil in which microscopically small magnetic particles measuring between three and ten microns are enclosed. When a voltage is applied to a coil – by means of a pulse delivered by a control unit – a magnetic field is created in which the alignment of the particles changes. They position themselves transversely to the direction of flow of the oil, and so inhibit its flow through the piston channels. This alters the characteristic of the damping characteristic much faster than is the case in conventional adaptive dampers.  Read More

Polaris brings independent rear suspension to the Quad market

April 1, 2006 The Polaris Outlaw hit the showroom floor recently with an innovation unmatched by any current Quad bike. The Outlaw is the only sport ATV on the market with independent rear suspension and the importance of keeping driving wheels in contact with the ground makes this a significant competitive advantage. The Outlaw’s PRO IRS gives greater control and higher speed capability over rough terrain by smoothing out ruts and bumps and the anti-sway bar provides the handling of a straight axle in the corners. With 29.2cm of ground clearance, the Outlaw offers more than anything else in the segment with more than twice the clearance of some straight axle quads.  Read More

The world’s first full size dual suspension folding bike

February 27, 2006 Innovative bicycle company Onyerbike has released a four bike range of foldable, full-size, dual-suspension bikes that finally offer high spec bikes you can tuck comfortably out of the way for ease of transportation or if you live in limited space or dorm/barracks accommodation. The top-of-the-range Hawk comes with adjustable suspension at both ends (lock out front suspension and air shock rear), magnesium wheels, a lightweight aircraft grade 7005 aluminium frame and Tektro disc brakes. The onyerbike range is unique in that it is the first to offer 26 inch wheels instead of the 20, 16 or 14 inch wheels which generally are used in folding bike solutions, so offering a genuine go-anywhere (on- or off-road) at-a-reasonable-clip bike. The company is seeking international dealers and distributors.  Read More

The Buell Ulysses: an Adventure Sportbike with long-travel suspension

August 1, 2005 Buell has announced its 2006 range and the big news is a whole new on and off-road machine. The new Ulysses XB12X is an Adventure Sportbike with long-travel suspension and aggressive tires designed to offer outstanding performance on paved and unpaved roads. With a dry weight of just 425 pounds and the broad powerband of the 103-hp Buell Thunderstorm 1203 V-Twin engine, the Ulysses will offer an outstanding power-to-weight ratio and sporting performance on the tight-and-twisty back roads that often lead to dirt roads. It’s one of two new Buells that will added to the company’s product line in 2006. The other is the Lightning Long XB12Ss, a longer version of the original Lightning XB12S designed to offer more comfort. In addition, all 2006 Buell Lightning and Firebolt models are enhanced with a new swingarm design, a new transmission and a redesigned intake system.  Read More

New Citroen C6 incorporates active suspension and head-up display

February 11, 2005 Citroen gave the world a look at its new C6 today in a sneak preview of the World debut at the Geneva Motor Show. The latest addition to an historic line, the C6 takes the grand tourer concept and incorporates the latest cutting-edge technology. An executive saloon that represents the latest stage in the creative renewal of the brand, the C6 has been inspired by the large Citroens of the past, models that have helped the marque to establish a strong heritage in large cars. The complete and innovative range of high-tech features includes a head-up display, the first application in a Citroen of the new 208 bhp V6 HDi diesel engine, active suspension with variable damping, the Company's lane departure warning system and directional Xenon headlamps.  Read More

Motorised, full-suspension swing-arm scooter

Wednesday July 23, 2003: The F18 swing-arm scooter adds twin-suspension to motorised scooter design with 50mm of travel on the front and a mono spring providing 90mm travel on the rear. A 24-volt electric motor reaches a maximum speed of approximately 20kmh and the F18 can cover 15km on a single battery charge.  Read More

Bose Redefines Automobile Suspension Systems

Bose Corporation is best known for creating high quality audio products, and if asked to piece together your ideal car, its 11-speaker sound system would certainly be a contender to feature within. But the suggestion that Bose's new suspension systems would feature without begs an explanation. In an ongoing research project that has spanned over twenty-four years Bose has created a unique electromagnetic suspension system for automobiles that is close to commercial release and is set to replace traditional shocks and springs with electronic actuators.  Read More

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