Transforming tricycle hauls kids or cargo in comfort

Bicycles are fantastic modes of transportation when it's just you and maybe some gear in a backpack. But things start to get a little complicated if there also happens to be groceries to grab and/or toddlers to tote. Well, the latest from Taga Bikes is able to handle all that and more. The Taga 2.0 combines the features of a family bike with the load capacity of a cargo bike.Read More

Longboardstroller lets you skateboard with your kid, literally

When you have kids, everything changes. Going for a short walk in the sunshine becomes an epic adventure, and doing anything as exciting as skateboarding is pretty much off the agenda. If only there was a way of combining skateboarding, getting outside in the sunshine for a while, and spending some quality time with your child. It turns out there is, and it's called the Longboardstroller.
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OmniO Rider stroller can be worn like a backpack

OmniO Rider is a stroller which can be folded down and carried as a backpack, ready to be deployed when your tired toddler suddenly decides they can't walk any more (typically at the point you are farthest from home). The device, which recently won "British Invention of the Year Award" at the Gadget Show Live in Birmingham, UK, is currently looking for funding on Indiegogo. Read More


Skoda makes the baby stroller more manly

Correct or not, some men have the impression that transporting the baby is the woman's domain. Equipment designed for baby transportation is by extension "women's gear." One European automaker decided to flip this perception on its head by creating an uprated stroller specifically for men. Now there's no excuse for a father not to take the baby for a walk. Read More

Good Thinking

Wheelblades mini wheelchair skis for snow and ice

When the going gets snowy and slick, people turn to snowshoes and ice cleats to get them over wintery ground. Those in wheelchairs don't have quite as many simple options. Essentially mini skis that lock onto the front wheels of a wheelchair, Wheelblades are designed as an easy-to-use solution that aid traction and give a little extra oomph through snow, ice and slush.Read More


Origami stroller folds up with the push of a button

Appropriately enough called the Origami, the new baby product from 4moms is billed as “the world’s first power-folding stroller.” This means that it will fold itself down into a compact car-trunkable bundle, at the press of a button – another press gets it to open back up again. Evidently, however, that one feature just isn’t enough. It also has running lights and headlights, plus it will charge your cell phone. There’s no word yet on whether or not in can perform diaper changes.Read More


Roller Buggy – the baby stroller/scooter hybrid for kids on the fast track

Being a single, childless (as far as I know), male my experience with baby strollers is largely limited to trying to avoid parents using them as battering rams at my local shopping center. That task could get a whole lot tougher if the Roller Buggy gains widespread popularity. A simple pull of the lower body extends a platform and transforms the Roller Buggy from a run-of-the-mill baby stroller into a scooter that lets parents transport baby around town at breakneck (hopefully not literally) speed.Read More


The self-folding Origami stroller: a cool name for a compact kid carrier

When did baby strollers get so high-tech? The Origami stroller power-folds itself open and shut at the touch of a button and has a built-in generator that charges the battery with every step you take. You can even choose to add options like powered speakers for your MP3 player, daytime running lights, or an adapter to charge your mobile phone. You want more features? Well read on…Read More


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