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All systems go, the Scubster's first successful submersion

While Gizmag was at the Green Air Show in Paris, designer Minh-Lôc Truong and high flyer Stéphane Rousson showed us a new pedal-powered personal submarine they've been working on. The streamlined carbon fiber Scubster is currently being built in the south of France by Rousson and a team of University engineers to designs supplied by Truong. The first test run of the 13.78 x 7.87 x 4.92 feet yellow submarine will hopefully take place by the end of June in the Mediterranean waters off the coast of Nice.  Read More

The STRIDA's unique triangular construction allows it to fold down in just a few seconds

One of our favorite folding bicycle designs, the unique triangular-framed STRIDA, is now available in a new model. Geared for additional speed and comfort, the limited edition STRIDA 5.0 SX has thinner, larger wheels and extended handlebars for taller riders... and it can still fold down in five seconds flat.  Read More

Gizmag's Mike Hanlon aboard the STRIDA

Portabilty, comfort, performance and strength - these are the key factors that come into consideration when delving into the world of folding bicycles. Using a unique design described as the "first completely new bicycle geometry in 95 years", the STRIDA folding bicycle appears to deliver on all counts. The STRIDA consists of a light-weight aluminum triangular frame that folds into a compact, stowable form in just six seconds with power transfer to the rear wheels via a silent, clean Kevlar belt, meaning low maintenance and no grease on your business attire when you arrive at the office.  Read More

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