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Best set-top boxes and streamers of 2015: Buying guide

From Netflix to iTunes and everything in between, there's now a plethora of services for delivering video over the web. Those TV shows and movies don't look their best on your 13-inch laptop though, which is why we've also seen a rise in the number of boxes, dongles and streamers built to get content from the internet up on the big screen in your living room. Join us as we break down the best streaming boxes and other streaming devices of 2015.Read More


Genii Cast Hub shares livestreamed video content to anyone in the world

Media entertainment tends to be more fun when experienced with friends and family, but it's not always convenient if those people live far away. A new device by Genii is designed to diminish the limitations of distance by livestreaming games, movies, or shows to anyone in the world. The Cast Hub allows up to six mobile devices to watch the same content, offering users the ability to enjoy and interact with each other in real time, as if on a virtual couch.Read More

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New Chromecast, Chromecast Audio want to stream everything for you

On Tuesday, Google announced that it has sold over 20 million Chromecasts the past few years and now hopes to sell more by launching an improved second generation HDMI streaming dongle alongside a streaming audio-only version. The company introduced the new Chromecast and the Chromecast Audio at its big media event alongside new Nexus phones and a new Pixel convertible tablet.
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Review: Roku 3 (updated 2015 model)

When it comes to the streaming set-top box market, Roku's devices are the most platform agnostic, supporting virtually all of the major streaming services (with the exception of iTunes) and boasting more streaming channels than its competitors. The company has launched an updated version of its popular Roku 3 set-top box for 2015, which introduces voice search via the remote along with some other new features. Here's a look at our experience with the updated model. Read More

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GoPro HeroCast transmitter broadcasts live HD action

Footage from live events could soon become more immersive and extreme after GoPro announced the launch of its HeroCast micro transmitter. The new system will make it easier for broadcasters to incorporate GoPro footage into live productions, enabling them to offer viewers unique perspectives of that death-defying stunt or bone-crunching tackle as it happens.Read More


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