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Review: Osmo Coding makes learning coding skills fun for kids

Playing with toys that teach coding isn't going to guarantee your child will create the next Facebook and amass Zuckerburg-esque fortunes. However, things like the Sphero SPRK+ or Google Bloks could help them develop logic and problem solving skills which will serve them well in the future. We recently tested the Osmo Coding iPad game set, to see whether it can make learning about coding fun.Read More


In pictures: The best tech toys from London Toy Fair 2016

We recently spent some time professionaly testing (okay, playing) with the latest toys at the Toy Fair in London. This being 2016 many of those toys had a significant technological element, making them more interesting than your average cuddly bear. Join us as we revisit some of the best drones, internet-connected toys, AR games and STEM kits that we saw.Read More


Kibo robot kit aims to teach young kids programming skills

KinderLab Robotics has launched a new robot building and programming platform called Kibo that's designed for youngsters from 4 years and up. After customizing and personalizing a two-wheeled base unit, the kids can tell the robot what they want it to do by grabbing some colorful wooden blocks, putting them in order according to a specific function and scanning their bar codes into the base in sequence. Pressing a button will then start the program running and the robot creation springs to life.Read More


Will Georgia Tech's $7K online M.S. in computer science program make the grade?

The Georgia Institute of Technology, in partnership with Udacity and AT&T, is preparing to offer an accredited online master of science (M.S.) degree in Computer Science. The instruction will be via Massively Open Online Courses (MOOC), which will be open to anyone at no charge, but will also be available as for-credit courses leading to an Online Master of Science in Computer Science (OMS CS). The total cost of instruction fees and tuition for those taking the M.S. route is expected to be less than US$7,000.Read More


Smart concept for public transport solar ‘bike’ - but can the public be trusted?

Young German industrial designer, Tobias Bexten, has come up with a nifty little idea for city transport. The STEM is a compact electric three-wheeler, powered by a lithium-ion battery, that would be available for pick-up and return at a city-wide infrastructure of rental stations. But, if a popular Parisian bike rental scheme is anything to go by, Tobias could expect to see half his bikes stolen, and the rest vandalized, hung from lamp posts and tossed in rivers.Read More


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