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40 years of Bond gadget's on show

An exhibition featuring the greatest-ever collection of memorabilia from 40 years of James Bond movies was held at the British Science Museum in 2002. Rosa Klebb's Flick-Knife Shoe, Oddjob's deadly Bowler Hat and of course, Q's gadget workshop feature...  Read More

Lipstick Pistol - The Kiss of Death

The link between the international espionage and outlandish gadgetry that continues to inspire Mr. Bond and co. is no accident - assassination devices like this KGB issue Lipstick Pistol from the mid-60's are proof of this deadly Cold War ingenuity. Part of the new International Spy Museum collection in Washington, D.C., the 4.5mm single shot weapon disguised as a tube of lipstick was referred to as "The Kiss of Death. Used by KGB operatives during the Cold War, the existence of the weapon was first detected at a border crossing into West Berlin.  Read More

How do you know when you are being bugged?

Granted there is more than one reason why someone might want to see or hear what's going on in a hotel room, but according to retailers Ozspy, the majority of RF detectors are sold to travelling business people who want to ensure that they don't wind up on www.porn...  Read More

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