Musholm sports resort ramps up accessibility

An extension of the Musholm sports and holiday resort for people with disabilities is said to have made it one of the most accessible in the world. It has a new multi-purpose hall and 24 new holiday homes. Access routes, wayfinding, lighting and facilities have all been designed with accessibility in mind.Read More


ePint boasts better toasts by glowing when your team scores

To some, sports is just that. Sports. But to many more all over the world, watching games and supporting players is part pastime, part culture, and maybe even part religion (e.g. Wisconsin's Green Bay Packers). Out of all the ways to show love and loyalty for one's favorite team(s) – from simple signs to full-on body paint/costumes – the latest may be the most flashy. The ePint Smart Beer Mug is designed to automatically light up in your team's colors every single time they score.Read More

Health & Wellbeing

Helmet decal could reduce athletes' brain injuries

If we lived in a world where athletes only received straight-on blows to the head, then regular helmets would offer all the protection needed. In real life, however, helmets usually receive impacts at an angle, with the resulting twisting of the head potentially causing brain injuries to the wearer. Now, scientists from Vancouver's Simon Fraser University have developed something to help keep that from happening – a sticker called the BrainShield.Read More


Suunto introduces streamlined Traverse navigation watch for simpler adventures

Back in 2012, Suunto set a high benchmark in outdoor navigation watches with the Ambit, now in its third generation. While the Ambit series has comprised some venerable performers, not every outdoor user needs a high-powered, multi-sport wrist computer. For "aspiring outdoor enthusiasts" Suunto has added the Traverse – a simpler watch with key features like GPS/GLONASS navigation.
Read More


AfterShokz promises better bone conduction audio with Trekz Titanium headphones

When it comes to portable, personal audio, many of us are content to plug our ears with buds or cover them with cushioned cups. Such designs help isolate the user from environmental noise and improve the listening experience. But there are times when one needs/wants situational awareness, such as with outdoor running, hiking, or cycling. Trekz Titanium, the latest bone-conduction headphones from AfterShokz, are claimed to offer premium sound and safety for the best of both worlds.Read More


Trinity Audio in-ear monitors feature sweat-proof coating, customizable sound

When it comes to most crowdfunded campaigns, backers hope that their pledges successfully produce and ship the product(s) designed by the creators. But everyone once in a great while, you'll find a project that is tailor-made to the requests of consumers. Trinity Audio Engineering has just launched a fresh Kickstarter campaign to create high-end in-ear monitors (IEMs) for active individuals, all because of the collective comments and feedback during its previous success.Read More


RoguePak replaces the hydration bladder with disposable hydration "cartridge"

The hydration pack has been a great boon to all types of sports enthusiasts, providing an easy way of carrying enough water for long adventures in dry, hot weather. If there's one knock on such packs, it's that the hydration reservoirs inside can be difficult to clean. It's a problem that the industry has been continuously addressing with new reservoir designs and alternatives like the JetFlow. Texas company AquaStorage has its own solution: disposable, self-sealing bladders that you never have to clean.Read More


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