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Review: Marshall’s Stockwell speaker is more glam than jam

From the top-of-the-line Woburn speaker to the experimental London smartphone, Marshall Headphones offers audio for everyone in a range of prices and power. It was only until recent that the Kilburn was the company's most portable speaker. With Marshall's latest release, users now have a backpack-friendly option for music on-the-go. We spent the past weeks rocking out with the Marshall Stockwell to see if big things still come in small packages.Read More


Libratone's new Zipp speakers embrace SoundSpaces flexibility

Libratone is known for blending Scandinavian design with high-performance hardware to create speakers that look plush and sound refined. The company recently launched its new Zipp speaker line-up, which, through the company's SoundSpaces concept, is designed to stream 360-degree audio individually or as part of a multi-room setup, be they plugged into power outlets or not.Read More

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B&O's colossal BeoLab 90 loudspeakers pump out 8,200 watts, cost $40K

It's safe to say that Bang & Olufsen isn't about to trash its reputation for head-turning, high-end speaker design with the new BeoLab 90. Named in honor of the the Danish company's 90th anniversary, the gargantuan BeoLab 90 stands 4 feet (123.5 cm) tall, weighs in at over 300 pounds (137 kg) and delivers an earthshaking 8,200 watts through a complex array of drivers and amplifiers ... all for just under US$40,000.

Read More
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B&W rebuilds iconic 800 Series Diamond speakers from the ground up

Just over 35 years ago, Bowers & Wilkins hit the right note with the introduction of its now iconic 801 loudspeakers, which quickly became a recording studio standard. The various incarnations of the 800 Series flagships that followed have both visually and sonically impressed industry critics and high-end audio lovers alike. Then in 2005, top of the range models were given some added sparkle with the inclusion of the company's new diamond tweeter, which eventually rolled out to all speakers in 2009 for the launch of the 800 Series Diamond. Now B&W's engineers have been let loose again, with the company insisting that the latest refresh is not so much an update, but rather a legend re-imagined.Read More

Around The Home

Review: iShower 2 Bluetooth speaker

iDevices is a company that doesn't believe in fixing what isn't broken, at least if the iShower 2, its latest iteration of its water-resistant shower speaker, is any indication. The Bluetooth device is nearly identical to the original iShower with just a few upgrades. Gizmag spent part of the northern summer with the latest version to see if it enables the ideal shower singing experience.Read More


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